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For the ones that believe in ghost give me some advice. We have a farrett and this farrett when let out will play by her self running and jumping at things that aren’t there. A few times my wife would wake up and find that our bedroom door is locked from the inside and the lights on. And guess what the farrett is out of her cage. Other times downstairs in the kitchen the cups are stacked in a parimd. Also every morning when I get off from work I let her out to play and shut the door while I shower and things. Well we noticed that when I didn’t let her out a picture would fall from the wall whenever I’m near it. This picture by the way is a painting of a little girl in a flower field. We have noticed shadows move past us. My question is do you think that the farrett has a playmate? Should we be alarmed? What should we do? This house is only 20 years old. Nothing ever happend in it. Oh yea forgot one thing one night we both came home to find one of the dresser draws in the middle of the room.

This just doesn’t make sense. Are you trying to say that this supposed entity is getting pissed when you don’t let the ferret out to play and that it decides to move physical objects around for spite? Why doesn’t “it” just let the ferret out instead? And no, I don’t believe in ghosts.

I grew up in a old house. Crazy things would happen whenever parents weren’t around. For instance if my sisters and I were watching TV, a sink, or hair dryer would turn on in the back room. Lights often flickered. The strangest was once when a helium balloon sunk about a foot from the ceiling, and then was pulled from the bottom of the string like something invisable was moving it.

In one room, no one could ever sleep comfortably, because they always felt like something else was there and watching them. But in other rooms everyone slept fine. It was a very odd house.

Maybe your house is actually on an ancient indian burial ground…no my house is about 40 years old and we’ve what sounded like a small dinner party in our unfinished (never has been, we know the former owners) basement. My room is basically a finished attic and has storage space on either side accesible through doors that lock on the outside. I’ve found randomn stuff, christmas lights and an old photo, moved into my room and piled at the foot of my bed before, when my family was on vacation in Maine for 2 weeks.

That is fucking cool.