Ghost Verse, My Curse

If I had 24 hours to live
I’d wake up at 5 in the morning and go take a piss
smoke a stick and whatever chick i woke up with, tell her get out
then hop in the Dodge and leave the house
I got 7 bombs all hooked up to the house
so you can tell the orkin man its cool, i killed the mouse
now its only 530
I’m in my whip just creepin while everyone still sleepin
4 12’s beatin, 15 speakers ridin with the doors wide
lettin off the 45 wakin all the neighbors up drivin on the sidewalk…nope don’t give a fuck
all on the front lawn, wicked in the durango…flippin insane yo
in my lap got a half a pound a that whiteboy weed
lookin for all the pussies that tried dissin me
creep slow, got one…pow pow die bitch
took his all his rings and chains, its my shit!
pulled around the corner and saw 2 more,
put the pedal to the floor ,ran the faggots off the road
mmmmmm, now i got blood all on my windshield,
its my last day so you know its gonna get real
real ugly, freaks gonna love me…ever pissed me off you will not sleep comfy
ridin lookin for the prep kids who jumped when i was in the 12th grade, now i swing big blades
rockin with the mac and a nine, caught them in a church and blew the fuckers out their mind ,
shut the fuck up with that cryin
went back, to where i went to school at, chained the doors from the outside and lit a match
BOOM, security gaurds, teachers, and staff now see a new meaning of “ash to ash”
drive by that motherfucker and laugh as the police have a difficult time doin the math
shit, fuck 1 pop 10 of them pills ridin round looking for a lamborgini to steal
I know, its a lamborgini but still don give a fuck, drove to the marathon
filled it up
aint spend a buck
drove out the bitch laughin
if you want trouble you’ll get just what you askin
shit, you will feel Rock, if not, I’ll make ya heart stop
walked up in a convience stor with a sword ya never seen before, like what?
met a bitch in a bar,got a blowjob in my stolen car, txtd her this “i’ll see you tommorrow =]”
but I lied to her ha ha
cuz I’m gone, wont be long
where’s my herb? where’s that bong?
damn, now I’m thinking bout my girlfriend’s dad, neonazi fuck
here’s some Hell you never had
his last sane ride…his lil girl showed the tat that said
We dressed him in his outfit, put him in her Crown Vic
dropped his ass off in East Cleveland and wished him a nice weekend, holla
Called my bro and he said I was taking the pussy route
so my girl and I bent his wife over a couch and ate her out
we keyed his car, swallowed his epilepsy pills
turned on a strobe and asked how he feels
pull to a red light, called it dead right
girl took the gun shot a dude in the face twice
i asked why “fucker was listenin to lil wayne”
I stopped her there, “babe,no need to explain”

Drove off, bangin to some Pac, got a few hours til time’s out
what to do? what to do? girl started to pout
I’m like “I’m dyin, wtf is wrong with you?”
With a Wicked grin she said “I wanna go too”
That’s sexy. so we came up with a plan, called my man
“Chad, text me, feelin kinda hexy”
4 in the morning, doggystyle in the graveyard
Hooded figure put the steel love through both our hearts
then we started laughin, he kept stabbin, we kept laughin, he kept stabbin
the more he stabbed the more e laughed

He couldnt understand the devious plan, It was yesterday at the same spot where I met a man
He said find someone willing to kill you for the fun of it, or you will burn
so for a whole day I could do whatever I wanted without harm
I gave him my gun and cell phone, walked into the dark with my girl in my arms
yelled back at him “its your turn”

Beautiful…fucking beautiful

I had 4 12s in my accord before, shit was loud.

[quote]UtahIron wrote:
Beautiful…fucking beautiful[/quote]

appreciate it!

I figured T-Nation might be in need of a bloodbath. And who better to do it?

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
I had 4 12s in my accord before, shit was loud.[/quote]

damn, in an Accord? Did that car fall apart?


man, I woke up pissed this morning lmao

but anyway after reading this I think it would be a bad ass movie.

sex,drugs,violence all at a hyper rate

some comedy, a plot twist…a sad ending

fuck, it would be classic