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Ghost Stories


So I've never started a thread that lasted very long, but I figured this might have a chance. Anyone got any ghost stories/ paranormal/ anything? I have two (okay, one wasn't paranormal, but at the time...)


Freshman year at college, I was sleeping horribly. One night after homework I crawled into bed, and then fell asleep around 3am around 330am I woke up and it felt like I was floating and I couldn't move. I heard demonic laughter and felt compressed on all sides. After a bit I snapped out of it and fell on the floor. I know now this was sleep paralysis, which is a real thing.


Can't explain this one. On the mission I lived in Norco, California aka Horsetown USA. We lived in a barn- the two of us. The top had been redone as an apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom- the works. The only way to get to the second floor was with a flight of stairs around the back. We were in bed and sometime around midnight our door began slamming open and shut, so we ran out of the bedroom and- nothing. It was closed and locked, just like it was every night. That still creeps me out.


During my art school days, I was living in a crappy old 3 story house with 5 other art students in a West Philly ghetto ('82). My small bedroom had a door, but no door knob. In its place was one of those hook locks that can only be opened from the inside. One night I was just about to doze off when I heard the hook suddenly spring out of the loop and just dangle there... as the door slowly opened all the way. I just froze and stared in the darkness at nothing but the dim light from out in the hall, but no one was there.

Sometime later, one of my room mates showed me the interior of the closet in his room. Evidently a child had been locked in the closet at one time because all the wall paper on the wall and paint on the inside of the door had been scratched off from about 5' up from the floor. After this, we assumed some bad shit went down in the house ages ago.


Redneck ghosts.


michael jackson lives in my luandry room

he askes "are you ok?" all night and says "sha mon"


I live in an old house, it goes back to my family since the 20's, most everyone has died in that home, great grandparents, grandparents etc, my old bedroom is actually the room my grandmother died in back in '98. Well one day I'm in my room and I hear a noise and wake up, I look over at my closest and I see what appears to be three faces inside, one looked like a priest and one looked like my grandfather. I never told ANYONE about this, fast forward and my sisters family lives upstairs I live downstairs, my old room is now my nephew's room. One day out of the blue my sister asks me if anything weird ever happened in my old room, I say no and she tells me how her son saw three people in his closet one day at night.

There is a strange black cat that you can see only out of the corner of your eye it only comes when something is about to happen. The first time it was seen , my grandmother passed, the next time, my nephew was born, another time when my uncle in California passed, and finally when my mom became very ill. It's not a malviolent spirit or a poltergeist it just shows up when shit goes down.

My other sister lives in Luneburg Ma which is a ways from me, the first Christmas we had after my mom passed, my sister was looking for the Christmas decorations(my house had burned down and these one's she had stored while the house was being rebuilt). Well my sister couldn't find them anyplace in her attic and she looked all over, then all of a sudden she sees a bunch of hospital chucks which we had to use to move my mom around when she had gotten ill, under the chucks? The Christmas decorations, the weird thing she NEVER had them in her house as they would have been useless for my mom. The messed up thing is Christmas Eve was a special time for my mom, not the Christmas Day but the Eve, even I who was the black sheep showed up for Christmas Eve no matter what I was doing or where I was at the time I made sure I was there.

I have a few other stories but I will have to thik harder as they have faded and been spoken away as coincidence and the like.

I have a few more but I don't really know how to put those ones into word as they are third party.


Toward the end of my freshman year of college:

I doing something at my desk in my dorm, putting away books or something like that, and suddenly a thought pops into my head. "Grammy is getting old. She doesn't have long." I hadn't seen or talked to/about her for months. The thought was totally random.

A few weeks later I walk out of class and get a call from my mom. Grammy has pancreatic cancer. A few months later, she passed.

A month later, my aunt has a dream about Grammy and she says something about having company soon. My aunt (having the dream) asks Grammy if it's her (Grammy's) sister and she just gives her a look.

A few days later, my aunt (Grammy's sister) is diagnosed with cancer.


Once I looked through an abandoned building's window and for a moment I saw what seemed to be someone looking back at me.

Probably was a hobo but I couldn't sleep for days.


In middle school, I really think my house had a ghost infestation. In the middle of my home was this one room, and almost every night if I left my room, a figure would appear in the doorway in the middle of the hall. I don't think it was a family member, but it could have been a prior tenant since I know that even though the house was only 30 years old or so a couple of tenants had died in it before. It wasn't particularly intimidating looking, but something about its large eyes glowing in the dark just told me it would be bad news if I ever was accosted by it. One morning, after heading to bed early the night before, I woke up starving in the AM hours, so I decided to grab something to eat. As I left my room and headed down the hall, the ghost actually came out of the room for the first time and started to slowly follow me down the hall. I panicked and ran as fast as I could to the kitchen, hoping that this was all a nightmare or my imagination. Luckily, as I turned the corner, I saw a power dot and ate it. The ghost started flashing blue and white and I chased it and ate it, after grabbing a couple cherries to satisfy my hunger for bonus points. After a few years, I was able to put this terrible ordeal behind me and find the love of my life and made her my mrs. pacman, but the ghosts never seemed to leave us alone...


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These 3 ghosts have been haunting me lately. Or maybe I'm having flashbacks from Nam.





I had worked in this machine shop at this one location from 1984-2000. The owner's father (George) used to run the business and I knew him pretty well, I actually started working for him running cylindrical grinders. He had gotten sick with cancer, still came down to the shop before he got really bad. He died in 1989 or so.

I worked mostly alone in the evening into the night. About 6 times after he died, I thought I saw a ghost moving around the shop. The first time, it scared the crap out of me. I realized it was probably George. The size and shape was right. I'd catch it out of the corner of my eye.. and not see it for months. When the business moved in 2001, no more ghost.

A few months ago, I was talking with someone who had worked there with me at times. We got to talking about George and he asked me if I had ever seen anything late at night when the shop was quiet. The hair on my neck stood on end... I admitted that I did see what he saw. Pretty creepy shit.


I have had this same thing, but instead of laughter, I heard a voice insulting me, saying that it knew I was awake. It seemed at the time that I could feel it on my chest and it was just an evil presence. It's a good thing I knew about sleep paralysis, or I might have never slept again.


See I think a lot of people really have these experiences (also, lol @ pacman) and I have to wonder if they're just projections from our mind, if they're real, or if it's just something misinterpreted. I'm willing to believe all 3 are possible.


One night i was doing some reading and then decided to start cooking my meals for the week.got done cooking and popped some of my sleeping pills (herbal + 75mg of diphenhydramine HCI, which has been known to cause hallucinations). but anyway, my blinds were closed tv was off, hall light was off etc. so there was no possible way light or a reflection could enter the room. so i crawled in bed, closed my eyes and started to dose off.

i was about half asleep and for some reason opened my eyes and saw this figure just staring at me. it was an older male, glasses and he was transparent with a green tint. i quick rolled over, threw my covers over me and screamed, lol. then i was like fuck that im not staying in here. i got up, and called to my mom and told her what happened. so i went back to bed in my room and had the worst night of sleep probably ever. the whole night i just felt someone watching me and occasionally i feel the same sensation and just go downstairs and sleep on the couch.

As far as the sleeping pills go, i read that to actually see things you need to take 200+ mg's and i only took 75 and i have a strong tolerance too it because i take it about 5-6 times a week. Idk, i've heard shit before and weird stuff has happened in my house ( soda can flying across the room, shower water turning on, footsteps etc) but i have never physically seen anything. pretty crazy though and something i will never forget.


not so much a story of me consciously seeing something but i have creepy dreams... a while back i had a summer internship with a filipino kid and i was crashing in one of his rooms since he owned the condo... he was a good kid, had some confidence issues but good kid nonetheless...

well two years later i get a call from a buddy that used to live with us apparently the kid committed suicide when no one was home... all the doors were locked and no signs of forced entry... apparently he found the strength to stab himself through the heart with a kitchen knife... needless to say they said it was a bloody mess in the kid's bathroom...

couple months later im having a dream and in it, its a typical family gathering (aunts, uncles, etc) im sitting on the living room couch and i look over and i see him sitting on the other end... and he says "hey whats up vince? long time eh?"

in my head im flabbergasted since this kid is dead but not scared or anything... and i respond "yea man its been a while... what're u doing here?" and too which he responds "just chillen thought i'd say hi... don't worry ure family can't hear me talk to you" and i was just in shock and i mustered the courage to ask him how hell was (he was catholic and suicide is obv not condoned) and he just answered "you know not as bad as you think... really hot though... hey look i gotta go good talking to you...." and i woke up... it was prolli the creepiest dream i've ever had and it seemed so real...


I am not certain this is a ghost story, but one day I got a phone call, it was very faint and fuzzy, a girl speaking. "I love you. I love (sounded like names of my daughters). I am at peace. Please have a good life. Shalom."

I thought it was a weird prank or even a wrong number, but I called home, no answer, so I went home.

My cell rang on the way, and it was my mother telling me that the arabs had bombed a bus and my wife had died, right when I got the call.

I rationalize it by saying that she had borrowed someone's cell (she did not have one at the time), and then died, but I was told that she could not possibly have called me.