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Ghost Pepper


aka Bhut Jolokia.

Anyone ever had one? I'm contemplating getting some of it, being the total douchebag friend that I am, I'm going sneak it into my best friends food.

Do/don't do?

Edit: It being some of it.

I'll testdrive the stuff myself beforehand though.


That's a really hot one, umm not sure can someone get hurt from a pepper?

I wouldn't but then I have been known to be annoyingly nice and not one to see the funny in most pranks. :-/


Do that shit



Don't. Really, not funny and you could hurt someone.


Enjoy your assault charge and pending lawsuit.


Dont listen to these jabronis

Do it


I think I'm gonna listen to the only sane person in this thread.

So I'm doing it.

We don't sue here anyways..



my buddy ate half of one ground up and spread on a slice of bread and thought he was gonna die. this is a guy who uses up more than half a bottle of Tabasco when we go out to eat...



crazy f*cker.



I'm all for pranks, but if someone did this to me I would probably try to cause as much pain to them as I was feeling... and I really hate extremely spicy things.


Yeah, x2 on hello assault and battery.


Sounds like a great addition to a mint and kiwi chutney I've been working on.

Theres 3 kinds of hit in this world-

  1. American hot (sucks). Tasteless, senseless, burning.

  2. Oriental hot (gettin there) Lights you up, raises your temperature and is usually pretty good.

  3. India hot (hallucinogenic) Wonderful combination of flavors combined with the feeling that you have been invaded by demons.


(Man's guts are on fire)...

"Dude you want a shot of tequila?..."


No kidding, the bhut jolokia is crazy hot. I had http://tatsoriginal.com/ Both the black dahlia and 6 Feet Under, and they're awesomely hot, like a religious experience.


Well if Denmark is anything like America, I hope you don't mind a possible assault charge.


If someone put something in my food (I don't give a fuck if it's a "prank" or not) I would be the one getting the assault charge.

Grow the fuck up.


do it. Unless your friend has blood pressure issues. That could be problematic.

I have a bottle of naga jolokia hot sauce. You know it's good when you go blind from the sweat running off your forehead.


It's just simply not a very good prank.

I mean, I'm going to prank my friend too, I'm going to tell him his grandma's on the phone, but then I'm going to kick him in the nuts.

Then my other friend, I'm going to tell him to look at my new watch, but then I'm just going to slap him.

So it's just basically like those, but with a really hot pepper.


Hmmmm. Any GOOD way of doing it with this pepper then? Or is that just impossible?