ghost dawg

“Paul Dillett finally tells the whole story and explains why he ?froze? onstage at the 1994 Arnold Classic and had to be carried off like a statue. Apparently he was taking not one but three types of diuretics, including the powerful injectible Lasix . He claims to have urinated for an hour straight prior to going on stage. Amazingly, he doesn?t hold any regrets, as this is what he felt he needed to do to conform to modern standards of looking “dry.” Ya? gotta? love pro bodybuilding!”

lmfao! he urinated for an hour straight.

i pissed for an hours straight once

well it was more like 30 seconds but i was drunk and high so technically it was an hour

That sets my benchmark for upcoming St. Pat’s Day. Wonder how many pints of green Guinness I’ll need to down?

P-DOG, can you link me to that article?


Check out this weeks Ghost Dog article on the front page. Of course what was written there, is in P-Dog’s intial post.

hell yeah Loop, give me a tap of guinness and a catheter, i’ll be set!!!