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Ghetto Park Workout Log

Going to log my workouts and hopefully get a few pointers. For the first month and a half of summer I bulked up 15 lbs. However, for the next month I won’t have access to a gym at all. However I do have DBs from 15-30 lbs lol, an ab wheel, and a belt for weighted pullups/dips. I’m going to alternate upper lower days 5 times a week.

Upper days will be pullups, pushups, and whatever else I can do at the park (2.5 mile bike ride away) and then do some arm, shoulder, and ab work at home. For lower days I’ll do HIIT outside and then sissy squats and hip extensions at home. I’m looking to cut right now.

Goals as of now are
BW + 60 lbs pullups for 5 reps
Sissy Squats + 30 lbs in each hand for 5 reps
Ab wheel rollouts full ROM 4x15

Tuesday July 13, 2010

jumprope few min as warmup
jog 1/2 mile, 5 sprint intervals, jog 1/2 mile

Sissy Squats
BW, holding onto pillar 2x8
BW unsupported 8 sloppy singles

Hamstring Thrusts
4x20 (will do single leg next time)

BW 1x60

Wednesday July 14, 2010

Bike about 6 mi total

Pullup/Pushup Supersets
6/25 rest pause
8 rest pause/10

Ab Wheel
12, 6, 6

Weighted crunches
15 4x15

DB V Presses (DB’s are too light for normal presses)
30 4x12

Lateral Raises
20 2x12