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Ghetto Booty Syndrome

I have a big ass and small calves…

The issue is that my glutes seem to naturally fire and take over on most excercises (squats etc) hence preventing me to push as much using the other muscle groups…

Even when i try calf-specific exercises to grow calves, as they start to fatigue a bit the glutes kick in…

Has anyone had this issue / any advice for reducing glute focus?

I think you’ll find this is a blessing. I don’t know what your goals are but big strong glutes are almost certainly a positive.

I think I backed up a post for heavy weighted carries somewhere but it didn’t make a night and day difference. You kinda have to accept what you’re given with the ol calves.

Which ones? Not seeing how any variation of a calve raise, done properly would do that.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have a “ghetto booty”.

Prrrrreeettyyyy sure.

Even then, maybe just try cycling in more calf work, and cycling out some quad work. Interchange them as you see fit. Keep at it for a while. Sometimes people’s calves arent destined to be huge either, which is okay.

your technique on calf raises must be very… interesting

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It’s more that any calf excercise eventually stops being felt in my calves… for seated calf raises sometimes i can feel it a bit in my glutes, standing it more like hamstrings.

At present I train calves 2x per week, 4 sets of each of seated calf raised, seated calf raise on leg press and 45 degree leg press. 12-20 reps

I recently moved to a different gym to have access to a standing calf raise machine, so now I will do the same as above + 4 sets of standing calf raise…

Is this enough or can I / should I train more calves? thanks

Just to be sure, can you point out where the calves, glutes and hamstrings are in the picture above?


considering a whole hell of a lot of people don’t train their calves directly AT ALL, I think you’ll be fine.

guy or girl?

Wait wut?

Either glutes arent what you think they are, seared calf raises arent what you think they are, or you have a very, very, VERY unusual technique.

What difference? Thicc is thicc