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I’m going to be in England for about a week and was hoping to bring back some GHB with me (powder form). What kind of problem could I expect to come across bringing it back to the U.S. myself or mailing it? It seems to still be somewhat of a grey area as far as legality or is it just simply illegal?

GHB is federally illegal to possess, sell, or buy as of March 2000. It is a Schedule I controlled substance. If you tried to bring it back you would be in violation of many crimes, possession, trafficking, and not declaring the substance at the very least. What do you want to use it for? My suggestion is to find a source for GBL. It is legal to possess, gives the same basic effects, and dose is approximately the same quantity. It doesn’t hit you as hard or as fast as GHB though because GBL is converted to GHB in the liver. Since GBL is converted into GHB in the liver it has a timed-release effect. You should make sure not to ingest any liver toxic substances (alcohol, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, etc.) with GBL. I posted a question earlier about using GBL while in ketosis with no response. Acting as a guinea pig I tried it and noticed its effects were much greater and longer lasting. I used the Ketostix and in about 5 seconds turned dark purple to almost black. Fearing I was going into ketoacidosis, I ingested carbs immediately. I do not recommend this.

John, thank you for your response. I have read that a lot of people claim that GHB really hasn’t done much for them in the way of fat loss, but I have had great success with it in the past and really like the stuff. I was not however familiar with anything by the name of GBL, but I will look in to that.
Thanks again.

I just went to look up GBL on the net and quickly realized that I have tried it before (mainly Renewtrient). I did prefer GHB but would have been contented with GBL, but it turns out that this is also unavailable! Thank You F.D.A.

If gbl is still legal in your state, i’d recommend ordering pure gbl and pure NaOH and making your own. Its really easy.

You can make your own if you want to blow yourself up or get put in prison for making drugs. Not to mention if you make it improperly you could seriously injure yourself by ingesting it. The reaction is extremely exothermic!

Thats what pH strips are for.

…or you could try 1,4 butanediol. it turns to ghb via bodily enzymes and is legal pretty much anywhere. it was in many ghb sustitutes as well as gbl.

Not only is it illegal it is now considered a date rape drug. You are talking about problems if you are caught with it. I wouldn’t take the risk, but I know if you are planning on it, it doesn’t matter what we tell you.

Actually Dave, it does matter. I would like for it to be easier to come by. I understand that many people don’t like it and more than a couple of creeps would use it in bad ways. It is just that it really seemed to work very well for me and thought that someone would have helpful tips, which you all have- even if it isn’t what I would have hoped to hear! I’ll probably just scrap the idea all together.

the 1,4 butanediol is really good and does the same thing. only take 1ml instead of 1 gram of powder.

IS 1,4 butanediol Still legal?? Where can you get it??

1,4 is still legal I got a liter of the internet for 45 bucks I think that is very very useful for recovery. and liter should last about a year.

Yyan, I’ve searched all over the net, it doesn’t seem to be available any longer. I just keep seeing a lot about some “Solar Water” crap. I had gotten some renewtrient about a year ago. How long ago did you buy your 1,4 butanediol?

the last time was two or three months ago.

If the 1,4 butondiol is still legal? Where can you get it? Is the stuff from chemical companies clean? safe? reputible?
Help a brother out.

Go to msn and search for science equipment. If you find it in bulk, make sure it is at least 99.8% pure, impurities can make you sick. be really careful to start out with only 1 ml and possibly work your way up. remember, 1ml=1"cap"