Hey, I heard that taking large doses of GABA or some other supplements induces a GH release as well as conversion to GHB in the body. Is this true? If so, at what dosages?

You would have to take tons of it. I doubt you could afford it first off, and second the effects of GHB in my oppinion are better used for muscle recovery (which doesn’t require gigantic doses) than for GH release. Why take such huge doses just to get a very minor release in GH? Its not gonna get you big anyway. If your thinking of using it for weight loss it would be alot cheaper to get some T2. The other problem is that the chances of you getting pure pharmaceutical grade GBL so long after the federal ban are quite slim in which case you could be using some really nasty stuff. Next off I hope your not getting it from someone else which is also quite dangerous. I don’t know about GABA although I’ve heard(not that is necessarily true) that it was useless. I can’t remember the exact amounts you’re looking for but if you do and article search there are a couple of references to GHB and the amount you would need to take in order to actually get a GH release.