“I’m all scooped out man!”

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how does one get the stuff these days anyway? I very intrigued by idea of not drinking anymore when going out

take all the various cleaners under your sink, mix them and drink.

that stuff’s a foul fucking toxin - all my career as a druggie (12 years) i never touched that shite after seeing enough fucked up people at parties after they’d shit themselves in the corner.

and for th

e record - ravers did Ecstacy (not this, which is what the poster two above me stated).

I’ve seen plenty of people out clubbing who are on GHB. In fact one of its nicknames is Liquid E, because in the right dose it does make you want to dance, and does heighten the music. Personally I’d rather take MDMA while out clubbing, but to each his own.[/quote]


Does this mean that you don’t like GHB?

I’ve done it a few times, but not for 6 or 7 years. Some friends of mine ordered the ingredients when it was still legal (in NZ) and made a whole lot.

Most people say don’t drink with it, but we used to drink with it, which could make you feel incredible- but you had to be very, very careful with your dosage. We used small dosages at first, but once our tolerance, and bravado increased, we would be taking up to 12ml, in two or three hits spaced over a few hours, and drinking up to a six pack. Usually we would drop E afterwards.

We did this for a couple of months without anyone getting sick. But then we got cocky…two of my friends had to be rushed to hospital. I started to spin out and sweat uncontrollably. I locked myself in a bathroom for an hour, then went and slept in my car.
Since that day I have never touched it. There are much safer ways to get a good buzz.

i’ve heard girls love it when you slip it in their drinks when they aren’t looking, but make sure you don’t tell them or else you’ll ruin the surprise

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Does this mean that you don’t like GHB?[/quote]

Don’t get me wrong, I like GHB, but I prefer it after clubbing when I’m at a party. I much prefer MDMA for clubbing. You can’t beat ecstasy for that euphoric rush when your on the dancefloor and the DJ drops a huge tune. Sublime. Of all the drugs I’ve tried (and I’ve taken a wide selection) ecstasy is still the best.

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Yep, Es were my favorite drug of all time, but then the quality came right down with the price… Anyway, I’ve never used GHB, but I buy 1,4Butanediol over the internet. It is sold as ‘ink cleaner’ and is legal. You take 2-4ml and it turns to GHB in the liver. Nice buzz (great for sex), but the only time I mixed it with alcohol, I was sick.[/quote]

Damn…Yea GHB is like bodybuilder alcohol really.