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Is GHB legal to have mailed to me by one of these internet companies? I don’t want to get busted at all. I don’t trust this local home made stuff the guys around my town are selling.

ghb kits are now illegal as of last year. some foreign companies sell them but you probally can’t get them. the ingredients are sodium hydroxide ang gamma butyrlactone (gbl)and water. gbl is now illegal in most states because it is a direct precurser to ghb and can be taken alone and will turn into ghb in your body. if gbl is not illegal in your state, the recipe is easy. first obtain 100% pure, food grade NaOH and at least 99.9% pure gbl from a chemical company on the net. mix 120ml gbl with 60 grams NaOH in a pyrex or stainless steel pot or bowl (a large one). add 120ml of distilled water. a violent reaction will occur. boil the mixture over medium heat for at least 5 minutes to one hour. ( i always would take it off after 5 minutes)test pH with pH strip. pH must be at 7. you can raise acidity with vinegar. dilute solution with distilled water to 1 liter. each teaspoon equals one gram. follow directions exactly. 1,4 butanediol can also be taken as an alternative to ghb. it is legal almost everywhere and turns into ghb in your body. it also must be pure. 1ml = 1 gram or you can water it down 4 parts water to one part butanediol and take it by the teaspoon.

nope, it’s illegal.

I once had one of these companies send me a few bottles of GBL (not as potent as GHB). I live in Canada, and this company actually marked the package as a sample of commercial solvent (which it kinda is…)- to help it through customs. The blue colored liquid, and fancy bottle would throw just about anyone off from thinking it was an illegal drug. Bottom line though BB, if you get busted ordering GHB, you can be arrested and tried as though you mail-ordered ecstasy or cocaine. Best of luck…

As the others have mentioned, it is illegal. I would also like to add that those internet dealers are about as reliable as your local suppliers. You really have no idea what or who is behind those sights. Even the most proffesional looking sight might in reality be some guy working out of his garage. If you insist on using ghb, be extremely careful.