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GHB testing

Anybody know if GHB shows up on a drug test? I have to do a drug test in 5 days and don’t want to screw it up. I have heard it’s metabolized and out in 3-5 hours, but I’m not sure. I would appreciate any answers to this.

if you are taking good ghb, then NO, it will not show up.

  1. its not tested for.
  2. if it was, it has a half life of 30min to 1 hour in the body, breaking down into CO2 and H2O.
  3. i believe they can detect it while you are on it using gas chromotography (i think using blood), but this is entirely too expensive.
  4. i took over 100 drug test this past year for drug court and probation, and was taking g for 5 months of that every day, and never failed. the only way you would fail is if your shit was tainted with something.
  5. by the way, watch out for cold medicines, many contain amphetamines.

Ryan- Thanks for the info.

GHB is naturaly occuring in the body so that be difficult to prove