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GHB Good or Bad?


I have heard that nothing is better for shedding fat, but i have also heard it does nothing but help people go to sleep. What are some peoples experiences good or bad from ghb.




Do a google search on the wrestler Rick Rude. He supposedly died from a GHB overdose.


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what is chloroform and while ur on ghb do you notice any affects associated with hgh. i know its a date rape drug. i jsut wanna know if it would be good to ad into a cycle.


i always add cloroform to my cycles....

The best way to use it is to take some right before a set of heavy squats...good stuff, trust me.



Don't listen to these guys.

Here's what you do...stack the two. GHB pre-work out for its GH releasing benefits and chloroform post-wo for its chloroformic properties. That's all you need.


Hahaa...u guys are gonna get this dude fucked up. Bro, GHB will make u feel like u snorted two lines of oxycotin. BBs use GHB as a relaxant to help their muscles recuperate faster. Don't use it for fat reduction. Sometimes I think that there should be a GOOGLE search icon on here...look shit up first then post.

By the way, Chloroform is used to make people pass out...usually with bad intentions following if u catch my drift. Buy some HOT-ROX for the fat loss and take ZMA to help u sleep.


GHB is actually alot more harmless then most people think.

If used responsibly it is a better sleep aid then any other drugs currently out on the market.

The only problem is that it has been associated with date rape, and if you were to get caught with it in your possession, the legal ramifications would be huge.


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GHB's main Benefit is inducing stage 3 and 4 sleep. It is used commercially with narcoleptic patients since they usually completely lack those two stages of sleep. Those two stages are also where growth hormone is secreted, there is a lot of data out there that shows rises in gh. After a month of using it you get a little jittery like after a heavy squat session...pretty good sign your pumping out gh pretty steadily. It's also used to reduce pain in fibromialgia since they also lack stages 3 and 4 sleep it helps there also. Just be careful where you get it from. I think most of the bad press is from bathtub GHB. It's very safe and usefull for the most part.


I have done a fair amount of G in my life and my experiences have mostly been good...but...when a G high goes bad it tends to go very bad.

There is a very thin line between having a good time and needing a trip to the hospital. It is a depressant so if you take too much your system shuts down.

It is common amoung bodybuilders because it will cause a strong release of HGH (for best results take right after training with some simple sugars like dextrose, the increased insulin should elicit more IGF production).

Don't try to drive on it.

Average dose varies because there is very poor quliaty control (it is heavier than water so sometimes the concentration varies even in the same bottle if you don't shake it up). You never know how strong it is until you take it. 1/2 - 1 capfull is about standard dose.

Because it is a depressant it's effects are stonger when mixed with alcohol (and also becomes much more dangerous when mixed with alcohol...coma, death, etc). Personally I like taking mine with Vodka/Red Bull or in Chocolate Pudding.

The effects you can expect are that it makes you relaxed and happy in small doses...roudy and horny in larger doses. Girls really seem to lose their sexual inhibition on it. I know a lot of girls that take it and love it (especially girls that are into group sex) but I would never give it to a girl without letter her know. You also have to be very careful because girls can sometimes get sick or pass out on very little G which is why guys spike their drinks with it if they are trying to make that happen. Those guys should be shot in the nuts because they ruin the world for us all.

It is a great drug to come down on from Coke or E because of the relaxation. It also seems to get rid of the sketchy paranoia.

It is hard on the teeth (frequent use will increase cavities and increase the chance of having a tooth that is rotten and needs to be pulled). I don't know what the liver tox level is but it is prob not good so I wouldn't mix it with oral steroids.

It is a fun drug but it is very dangerous when used in excess or with other drugs so if you are going to do it be very careful.



real GHB should taste like really salty oily liquid. It is nasty stuff so it is best to mix it with juice or something else strong and sweet.


As far as shreading fat...if you use it for sleep and not just to get fucked up it tends to zap the appetite and with the increases of stage 3 and 4 sleep it does tend to boost GH which will help get rid of fat.


Yeah, you would have to be pretty loaded not to notice the taste...


Ghb is great for sex ,,,,,does nothing for fat loss


Sure it helps with fat loss, do a google search.


good info, ive read alot about it but just wanted to see peoples experiences, and i agree that the guys who use it to rape girls should die slowly, it would still be legal and easy to get if those dumbasses wouldnt have abused it.


I have taken a fair amount of GHB. Like P22 said, it is an EXCELLENT sleep aid although I would not take it in large amounts since doing so can cause a dopamine rebound causing you to wake up 4 hours after you fall asleep. Not fun to wake up at 3 in the morning when you dont want to. After a dopamine rebound the only real way to get back to sleep is to use more GHB.

It's also GREAT for sex....in reasonable doses it realllly relaxes you. Contact feels great and may inhibitions naturally dissapear. It can be problematic though since personally anyway, GHB means I can last a LONG time between the sheets. Its alsways good to have some stanima but it can get annoying when it goes on for too long and your not even approaching climax...

As regards safety......this is an EXTREMELY safe drug. The danger of the drug lies in the fact that it is quite easy to overdose (due to a steep dose response curve). an overdose is not particularly dangerous in itself but is dangerous in the sense that it can cause to to trip and fall etc, hurting yourself. If you know what your doing and are clever enought to carefully measure your amounts then it is unlikely you will overdose. As with AAS, the real dangers occur with irresponsible and ignorant use. That said, 0verdose can cause depressed breathing and in cases of EXTREME overdose this could convceivably be dangerous...

Also, it should NEVER be mixed with alcohol....I mean NEVER. Each will multiply the effect of the other so you could quickly end up in a world of shit.

GHB has been EXTREMELY well researched and it's safety has been acknowledged in almost every single study.....probably more researched than any other recreational drug. THis is due to the fact that it used to be extensivley used as an anasthetic in the medical community. It was also used widely as a bodybuilding supplement and sold over the counter until it got demonised in the media and subsequently made illegal (in the US anyways). Guess how many registered deaths can be attributed to GHB alone?? Exactly zero. The only registered deaths are where GHB was used is combination with other drugs, in which case it is ridiculous to conclude that the GHB is the culprit instead of the coke or MDMA that the deceased was also taking.

It's actually insanely easy to make.

3 ingredients - Gamma butyrolactone (which can be bought on the NET in Europe as "alloy cleaner" but is blatantly sold for the purpose of making GHB) and Sodium Hydroxide (a strong base, sold in any hardware store for just a few euros) and also water.

for those of you in the US, gamma-butyrolactone is EXTREMELY illegal and attempting to bring any into the country WILL land you in prison so making your own GHB is a risky business.

Mixing them creates a violent exothermic reaction. Mixture gets VERY VERY hot VERY quickly and boils/spits violently so you gotta stir it carefully.

The only things you gotta watch out for is mixing the ingredients in the correct quantities and the PH of the final product. You want it as close to neutral as possible. If too acidic add a base such as vinegar and vice versa.

Simple science. Probably the easiest bit of kitchen chemistry you can do. I wont post an exact recipe for making GHB as the precise recipe can easily be found with a google search.

Of course, due to the fact that GHB is EXTREMELY illegal in the US (on par with heroin), all the above was written for entertainment purposes only.


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