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GH15 - A New Era




Are all of those guys who's pictures flashed "Filt's"?


Yes. They all earned the title for different reasons but they all fit squarely into the 'Filt' category.


Who were all those dudes? I didn't recognize some of them.


Hhahaha! Nice


Ladies and gentleman, Layne Norton.


Never gonna understand why (physique-wise) Layne gets so much hate. While he's definitely built what I consider an excellent physique he's not a top pro. There are much more impressive gentleman in his and other Federations who no one seems to bother.





haha gh15....,, approved.


1) Layne Norton
2) Ron Harris (used to write for T-mag under his own name and obviously other pseudonyms)
3) Lee Priest
4) I have no idea


last bloke looked like Rob Riches ... what on earth is this all about ??


Thoughts on what? All I saw was a few pictures... What am I thinking about here? What is GH15? A new version of growth hormone?


You poor damn fool.




People hate that he says he is natural. No idea why that matters. Layne's an intelligent, knowledgeable guy that like Shelby and Meadows, gives away a lot of information for free. Gear or no gear the guy knows what he is talking about.

On another note, the Mike Arnold/GH15 feud was pretty comical.