To the boys who have experience with gh… I recently aquired a free sample in a plastic bag from a friend/dealer, just to see if I like it. I’ve dealt with him before, and he’s never led me astray (whenever I buy, always right packaging and undeniable results). He only knew the brand name in russian, but fucked if I can remember it, let alone spell it out here. I want to identify what brand this is before I mix it up and try it, and I was wondering if this half-assed description would ring any bells. It’s a pink powder, almost sweet in smell, but completely without taste. I know, the plastic bag thing is ridiculous, but bear in mind I got the stuff for free. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I assume you’re talking about hGH. If so, unless it was in a sealed vial, I wouldn’t reconstitute it and inject it. I’m no chemist, but hGH is rather sensitive and the fact that it is no longer in a steril enviroment has probably rendered it useless. Most real hGH comes as powder in a tablet shape on the bottom of a vial, which then needs to reconstituted with sterile or bacteriostatic water.

I agree, don’t use it unless it is in a sterile environment. Some even think it should be refrigerated before and after mixing. But, by the description of what you said, I think he gave you some HCG not GH. You will definetly feel something with HCG, which is what I’m sure he is hoping to happen. You feel a little stronger and will retain a little water.

Sounds like a scam… no one in their right mind would transfer real GH into a plastic bag; and that having been done, no one in their right mind would inject it.

I’d say you got your money’s worth on this one, and no more! :slight_smile:

I agree completely with the previous post. The plastic bag is reason enough not to use it. You should be concerned with any product that comes in a plastic bag; especially gh.