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I know of several bodybuilders who are using contact lens fluid(cleanser) as a diluent for their GH! Some of these guys are competitive bodybuilders! Apparently the GH is smuggled in without the original diluent. When asked why they do this they say because it says “Sterile” on the bottle! It sounds like a really stupid idea to me since it contains chemicals that break down proteins.GH of course is a delicate peptide hormone!Not to mention it could cause serious health problems! Id like an expert opinion on this practise since these guys dont belive me.

Richie J. Sweden

Why dont they use the sterile saline solution 9mg/ml that you can buy in 30cc plastic bottles att farmacies for about 20 kronor/ 6 bottles! There is no conservatives, so I guess the GH has to be used with in 24 hours after mixing/also kept cool!

You are correct Richie. It’s not the smartest way to transport GH. I seem to remember hearing about that method in one of the magazines. So, I’m sure your friends will continue to use it, no matter who says it’s a bad idea. Unfortunately, the desire to get huge often outweighs common sense.