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GH--Week One


Finished my first week on GH. Started with 5iu's / day but backed off to 3iu's / day after day two. At 5iu's I seemed to be retaining a bunch of water and had quite a bit of soreness in my legs. At 3iu's the soreness has lessened but not gone completely. Here are some things so far at 3iu's:

1--Definite water retention.
2--Joints very sore especially in the knees and shoulders
3--Numbness in my arms at night which I notice when I wake in the middle of the night.
4--Fingernails are growing more slowly??? WTF...
5--Pretty gross, but, ear hair has all but stopped growing. I am over 40, and you guys will notice that ear hair tends to grow more as you age.

No relief yet from nagging injuries, nor any strength gains that I notice...but it has only been 1 week.


This is not a sarcastic reply, i am interested though does your ear hair grow so fast that within 1 week you can notice a growth speed reduction?

I am prepared for what my mature years will bring but I did not expect it to be that bad!


lol....yeh it grows pretty fast. I mean, I have one of those mirrors that show every little hair on your face...and I guess I am too vain since I am always looking to pluck every little hair. SO...I notice any tiny bit of growth, or lack of.


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