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GH Use and Prostate Cancer

I don’t speak for the crediblity of the study, but an interesting read: http://www.drcranton.com/hrt/HGH_found_safe.htm

A couple of years ago I found a study on GH, cancer, calorie restriction, and rats. Anyway they gave the rats cancer (Dr Evil?) and then put the rats on a CR diet. Well the cancer stopped growing. Then they started injecting GH into the rats and the cancer started growing again. (Notice all my scientific jargon?)

They knew that CR diets had an effect on cancer, and they knew that CR diets drop GH. This potentially links GH and cancer growth. It may not cause it, but it kind of feeds it. (Ok, at least in rats.)

GH may be safe to use, unless a cancer develops. At that point I would avoid it like the plague, and potentially go on a CR type of diet.

“and they knew that CR diets drop GH”


�??Our results indicate that short-term calorie restriction in humans can increase growth hormone production, which is opposite to the changes reported with aging,�?? said study presenter Leanne Redman, PhD, clinical fellow at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, La. �??However, the form of calorie restriction is important.�??