GH Testing in the NFL

So I wrote this article for footballnation, and I know many people will strongly disagree with me, but wanted to post it here anyway.

Interesting read.

Can you even test for GH, or did some company say you can, successfully sell the idea to the NFL, land a big contract, then laugh their way to the bank?

The magic, vanishing kangaroo is much more clever than what I had to say, admittedly.

@theuofh: it is possible, just really freaking hard to catch people using. I recall reading somewhere there is a 36-48 hour window after exogenous GH is administered when it might be detectible. Easy enough to avoid a positive test.

Dude, just do lots of gh raises and Romanian deadlifts. Sprinting can’t hurt and you’ll need to do it for a good 40 anyway.

Good article. I still think most of the pressure for testing is not really coming from within the NFL, but rather the sports media that constantly pushes the idea of “clean sports”.

These sports journalists who have never played at a high level demonize things they don’t understand and romanatcize the “good old days” when supposedly no one was on drugs (when in reality it just was not as big of a deal back then).


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Before I do anything “hasty”…is that a real chick in that photo?

[quote]Nards wrote:
Before I do anything “hasty”…is that a real chick in that photo?[/quote]

My wife took that picture herself this weekend, we were at Europa.

OK…I have now lost that hasty feeling.

[quote]Nards wrote:
OK…I have now lost that hasty feeling.[/quote]


Have to agree with the article. The abuse their joints take is ridiculous.

I didn’t take physics in High School.

Didn’t have to, because I played football.