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GH Test Protocol

Hi all;
What are the important blood work test (s) for GH levels? I don’t think my insurance would cover this type of test. Can you tell me which test(s) that I have to do first before I go to more sophisticated tests. also, when do I draw my blood? I inject EOD SUB.
Thank you…

Getting a accurate GH blood test is very hard. You can’t really trust the number. Most use IGF-1 it is a cheap easy test your doc could add with no issues. You donot have to be fasted for it.

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What do you think of this test? GH serum test, should I also do this?

IGF-1 in a more accurate representation of GH levels.

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@blunt_waco did you have a goal to specific GH value you were shooting for.
If you get your IGF-1 tested and it is below say 175 you migh consider looking in to peptides like
Sermorelin if you are younger than say 60 and Ipamorelin if you are 60 or older. They both stimulate your natural production of GH they do not shut your natural production down like the syn HGH does.

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What’s the word on MK-677?