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GH Supplements?


A guy at my Gym told me to try this VPX shit called Hemogex...what the hell is this, how does it compare to igf-1 or GH?

Incidently, I did see an improvement in his physique after he started taking it...but for all I know, he was taking other things too...

Any info is appreciated...


Bahahahaha anything that is a supplement is not going to be a one hundredth as effective as real drugs. Especially when those stupid supps are marketed to those who are fascinated by drugs but don't want to take the risk/are not ready/are uneducated.

In short, it's shit.


I was looking it over and it says it contains GHRP-2 in it...

Is GHRP-2 even bio-available?


Don't waste your money of OTC pseudo-drugs. They're expensive and usually don't do a damn thing.