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GH Script Chance IM to SubQ


Hey GUys,
Ive been on Omnitrope for about 2 years and after reading many of the threads a long while back I decided for me I would split my weekly dose into M/W/F and do it Im since Omnitrope came with 1/2" pen needles I could get in my quad. My insurance switched me to Norditropin, and the needles are TINY and no way I can do IM with them.


I am not an expert on GH by any means, but in my research I am doing, sub-q is the least optimal way of injections. It releases the hormone so slowly into your system that its effects are almost completely unnoticable. If it were me I would just get some 1/2" pins tand continue IM instead.


Two quotes from BBB, which seems to be the most knowledgable person on GH I have found on this site:


Yea BBB was the entire reason I switched to IM from SubQ.