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GH Releasers at My Age?

Hey, I recently bought usplabs jack3d preworkout drink and people who’ve had it knows it comes with this leaflet for their powerFULL supplement(natural growth hormone releaser). So I looked at alot of reviews and it sounds like a really good supplement from what people say. But Im only just 19 and I cant find out if it has any bad effects on my body if I take it this young, such as affecting hormones now or later on after taking it? Because I know steriods this young has negative effects so not sure if this is similar but on a smaller scale(Alot of discussion on this supplement I found on steriod boards?).

Also because its meant to improve sleep and I cant sleep for shit at my new uni It thought it could help. And I just had a birthday so money isnt an issue if it will help even slighty without bad effects. And my diet and training I feel are going good Ive put on nearly 2 stone since february so if this can help me even further that would be great, Im trying to gain weight not cut.

Thanks alot in advance for anyone who can help me, its really hard to get an answer regarding GH releasers.