GH questions........

Hey guys, my dad has been asking me to find out which of the amino acid complexes is the best to help with GH production. I’ve been telling him that none of them help to any great degree, but he still asks me every now and then. I told him that he could ask his doctar about GH replacement therapy but he doesn’t seem too high on the idea for whatever reason. So my question: are of these amino complexes worth it? I haven’t heard anything refuting what has been popular opinion about these products the past few years. What is the recent news on GH secretagogues(sp?)? Thanks guys.

Trying to increase GH via dietary manipulation aint gonna do much for you physique. this fad came and went quick, cause it didnt work.
For interest, GABA, L-Glutaime, and argine are popular for this.
HIIT training can do the same thing however by increase Lactic acid therfore GH level.