GH Questions for GH Users

So been on gh for 1.5 months some questions:

  1. people tell me (since I shoot 2x per day - 1iu in the am and 1iu in the pm) to draw the days worth in the insulin pin and use the pin 2x as some growth is lost on the rubber of the vial and the pin itself when shot. How much is really lost or is it substantial?

Also, is it safe against infections etc?

  1. Next, I was told to rotate sites 2 in abs and in
    each leg. My focus is on tightening up the lower abs and love handles so should i be doing all my shots rotating there? (YES, my diet and exercise is on point :> )

  2. I always aspirate a little when doing the shot and sometimes although no blood is noticed when i aspirate i bleed when i pull out the pin and there is some blood in the tip of the pin. Is this normal?

what if by chance you shot gh into a vein accidentally…what would happen?

I know no one wants to hear it but i will say it again anyway. If you are taking GH for any purpose other than strictly old age 2 iu’s per day is completely worthless and a waste of your money. There seems to be alot of newer anecdotal evidence (meaning this is what is being doen in competitive ranks) that GH for bodybuilding purposes may indeed work best in a burst pattern.

These bursts are generally 10-20iu’s per day 3 times per week. Even this is not that effective until you throw in 3-5 iu insulin 3x per day on those same days. This is of course overlapped by an anabolic course of typically test, deca, and often a d-bol/adrol combo.

This is not meant to piss anyone off or seem unreal (trust me its not). its just to show how ridiculous it is to waste your money on Gh and take 2 iu’s per day thinking that it will actually make some difference in you muscle size. Save your cash and spend it on protein.

For muscle mass I agree. I guess I did not state my goals. I am interested in skin tightening and my diet and cardio is on point.

Prisoner22 even states that 2iu is sufficeint given my goals. I have been on like i said for 1.5 months and noticing results but very well could be the diet cardio and AAS (Test 400mg per week and EQ 300mg per week)

When I asked my pro bodybuiler his advice he said 3 or more would be adding mass and not needede given my objective.

What about the other questions in my post…any comment?

Ok, sorry to freak on ya i just see so many guys getting lied to by oddly enough the people selling them gh that it is like a miracle drug. Anyway back to your points. i would stay in the area where you want to maximize the fat loss, there is definetly an effect in regards to spot reduction.

As far as the dosing at that low of a dose just do the 2iu all at once…any possible difference is totally negligible and it will make it simpler. Its not unordinary to get a small bit of blood just due to capillaries in the skin. If you are injecting into the abdominal fat sub-q then you really have no need to aspirate IMO just jam the little sucker in there and be done with it.

I would recommend the 2 iu be taken upon waking eeach day, since you will then get the 2 iu shot then your bodies natural pulse during sleep, i really feel this is superior to 1iu 2x daily.