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GH Quantity?

Is anyone familiar with gh Serostim 6mg, 7wk kit? Each bottle has 6mg gh with 1ml b/w. To be taken 5 on 2 off

My endo sold me a 9mg bottle with 5ml b/w at 2units ed for 25 days.

With the Serono-Serostim, each weekly bottle contains 6mg gh. I’m assuming I am getting 24 mg of gh every month as opposed to 9mg every 25days from my endo.
Is 6mg/wk too much or 9mg/25day to little.

I also have been reading where am shot and post workout shot works best for gh. I have been on am shots and they seem better.

Also, at 55, how long and at what dose do you think I would have to take gh to get permanent results with bone density issues? I have bone infarctions from use of steroid creams in the past.

Any thoughts would help.

Thanks in advance [/quote]