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GH Protocol Updates?

Any updates on the protocols guys were doing IV and IM GH?

Has anyone tried multiple protocols and seen/felt a difference between:
Everyday 7 days a week, SubQ
Everyday IM
5 on 2 off SubQ or IM

And did the last thread end with guys doing E3D IM or IV?

Hey bluecollar: I hope they are not doing I.V. intervenus. That could be very dangerous.To my understanding human growth hormone,at least the 1-time i joined a medical anti-ageing clinic and they showed me how to constitute the hgh and sterile water.The medication was to be injected in the abdominal fat,and not,never in a vein.the stuff burns a little.i can’t imagine putting it in a vein.

Do some searches on here, plenty of the gurus on here advocate IV and have done it. Heck Ive never felt it burn IM or SubQ?!

Im pretty sure the general feeling on here is do it IM…just a question of how often, ED, EOD, E3D, and if multiple times each of those days for pulses…on another forum is where guys are backing up why they think ED SubQ first thing in morning on empty stomach is best way to go for fat loss and long term health…so Im just wondering if BBB or some of the vets on here have changed their opinions or tweaked their protocols at all