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GH Production Inducing Supplements


I have seen advertised a great number of supplements that promote GH production, has anyone got experience which work and which do not? Thanks


There are none.


not even Xtreme Nitro Juice 5000 PRO?!


Levodopa can slightly increase GH levels. Whether or not it makes a practical difference is debatable.


...GHRP-6. its a peptide though, so im not really sure if you're down with injecting.

ive never seen an oral version that has stuck around


lol? is this a joke? great advice, take a drug for parkinsons disease designed to mimic dopamine, with a fluctuating plasma concentrations that cause dyskenesias and hypokinesea, oh and you know, schizophrenia like conditions. brilliant idea, really


Take the real thing or don't worry about it.


While it is cool to be cynical and think that nothing works, here is some support for taking GABA post workout to significantly increase GH levels.


I mean if you want to take a rec drug for LONG periods of time to have any sort of noticeable effect, be my guest.


Alpha GPC?


The idea that a particular food, or plant/herb, promotes HGH production in the body is more appealing than injecting some chemical. And of course the injections are very expensive. The two potential downsides to the oral supplements are, firstly they might not work, ie money for nothing, and secondly, some of the ingredients may actually be harmful (even if derived from plants, not all plants are safe to eat).

I posted here to see what people have tried and what the results were.


A second question would be, studies have shown that endogenous GH production increases with exercise, and they usually mention strength exercises, is that the only way? If I get on the treadmill and job at a leisurely rate will I not get increased GH? Or must I push weights for an hour to see any results?


It seems my replies are getting lost. I will try again.

Probably better to take oral supplements that can promote body's own production of GH than directly inject synthesized chemicals. However the downside may be that some oral supplements are useless, and some may contain harmful ingredients.

The above says that GH is increased with exercise but it drops later so the overall daily production stays the same. Unless you exercise multiple times a day, which I presume means multiple 45 minute sessions rather than one.

And the above says that GABA helps promote GH production.

What I have so far is the above, multiple training sessions per day and GABA supplements.


Trans-d tropin. I've been through six months of it, helped recovery, sleep etc.
I took it because I'm a shift worker with nights and my naturopathic doctor recommended it. Now I'm going to use it again while bulking.

Damn expensive though.


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LOL I did mean GHB, silly me. I came on here to correct myself but you beat me to it.




Injections of hGH are expensive. Injections of GHRP-6 are very cheap. Not disagreeing with you, just clarifying.

And about the GH production from exercise. Elevated GH post training and BENEFITS from that elevated GH are two completely different things NOT studied together.

And no, a brisk walk wont jack up your GH levels.


Is that by chance a euphemism for apathetic masturbation?


I meant "jog at a leisurely rate" :slight_smile: