GH/Peptide Timing - Experience/Recent Studies

Trying to find definitive answer to the following for a friend: If utilizing GH and peptides (Ipamorelin/CJC) what is the best daily injection timing, dosage aside, for maximization? Experience and recent studies. Just considering TIMING, not dosage, not whether Sermorelin is better than Ipamorelin, not whether peptides are a waste of money, etc

Exogenous GH injection appears shuts down natural production for “up to 24 hrs” So when is the best time to inject if using both?

Ex: most anti-aging clinics instruct to inject at bedtime to mimic normal GH release. This is theoretically for those who dont make enough of their own GH and makes sense. But if one IS making enough of their own, is this the best time to inject?

And does this injection then shut down the system immediately for 1) that night? and 2) for 24 hours, therefore potentially shutting down the body the following night (and for mid-afternoon nap GH release)? Would injecting IPa/CJC in the morning after the GH injection “jumpstart” the pituatary, cancelling out the shutdown the following day?

Or would it be better to use the peptide at night and the GH in the morning?

I am unaware of any studies overlapping GH with peptides but would assume allowing equivalent time between GH injections makes sense for a peptide in this scenario.

but I’m having a hard time understanding the GH dosing protocol. Is he injecting eod? Once per day?

It’s my understanding GH should be administered multiple times daily, which Inwould think is hard to counteract. Why not run the cycle and use peptides for a post cycle therapy addition?

And I’m going to break one of your rules. If it were me, I’d go with Sermorelin. It’s an exact replica of growth hormone releasing hormone, the skeleton key to make your pituitary gland produce GH. Ipamorelin/CJC works through a much more circuitous route of receptor responses that may or may not work during an exogenous induced shutdown. Take the master key. I’m sure it’s a gamble either way, but I would want to inject the direct green light myself.

There are studies showing ipa/cjc will stay active in your system for months to a year or so once stopping, which is nice, but come to an end. Alternatively, there are studies showing a 6mo cycle of Sermorelin “permanently” kick starts the pituitary gland in to production at a higher level (in some people), and not just GH but the whole hormone cascade. It gives you the temporary boost but leaves your switch on too.

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