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Gh Max?

Hellloo everyboddyy
alright, so I’ve got this universal gh max thing, its basically a formula of 5grams arginine and 2.5 grams ornithine and a bunch of other stuff,
I was wondering if any of you had any experience with it and if anyone can answer a few questions regarding it’s use…
Would it be better if i combined this product with lysine? say i take the serving of 6 capsules before bed plus lysine totaling to 5grams arginine 2.5 ornithine and 2.5 lysine

Also, it says that the capsules have a timed release attribute, would it be better if i crushed them to powder to get a rapid release or should i just take them as is.
another thing i want to ask is that is it safe to take with ZMA and whats the protocol on that
Should i take ZMA an hour before bed then gh max right befor bed or what?
any information would be much appreciated

Well, Arginine is capable of serving as a stimulus for GH secretion. But I wouldn’t bet on it making a big difference.