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GH Guide for Newbies?

I recently got access to GH for really cheap and willing to try it out. I’m currently at about 5.5% bf with 5 weeks out to my show. I’d like to stay lean in the off season for next years show so i can come out really diced.

Now before trying anything i like to read on it. I’m wondering where I can find a “GH guide for newbs”.

Any info is appreciated.

Did you try to search?

nothing in the search pulls a newbie type guide…

BBB has come up with a protocol that seems to be getting good results in a short time period. there is a thread on it started by Cortes which should come up in a search.
inject 2-3iu intramuscularly (IM) or intraveinously (IV)…do it only E3D (should be when you have a lot of heavy lifting going on…ex. leg day) but do it many times in that day…ex early AM (when you get up for your morning piss), 30 mins pre-workout, immediately post workout, late night.

If you are unsure about the IV injections then you can just do IM…

it’s called “the HGH experiment”…all the info is there.

Don’t just search here, Hussayn. Search the internet.

I’ve read the T-Nation GH protocol and been searching online…

I’m thinking of starting soon. I just want to make sure, a low dose of 2iu for example won’t give me structural changes in my forehead, teeth and hands for example, right?

My intent from using Gh so to stay lean in the off season as i eat like a beast.

no 2iu won’t give you GH forehead. That comes from long periods of very high use.

if you are looking for something as simple as a little fatloss benifit rather than use 2iu ED I would suggest:

Using 4iu EOD (2iu first thing in the am when gh levels are already high and then another 2iu 30 mins before doing your workout to help mobilize fat to be burned as fuel)…do both of these shots IM


Using 6iu E3D (2iu early am, another 2iu 30 mins before working out, and another 2iu after your workout so you are inducing maximum growth)…again all these would be IM shots

Either of these protocols should produce better results than shooting just 2iu every day, should cause less suppression of natural GH, and will cause less side effects.

Best of luck.


and using GH year round with the listed protocols should not induce any negative side effects such as GH supression, right?

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Hey BBB, glad you could join, I think your theories on GH make a lot of sense to me so I am going to trust that until I can see a reason to believe otherwise…I still have yet to do my own experiments to compare diff protocols but everything you say makes sense to me and seems to be producing good results.
He wasn’t going for meso changes, just fatloss and lean mass maintenance so I scaled down the protocol a bit. I’ll prob run something like this when I first start and then step it up to your full protocol to see what the diff’s are.

Hussayn - the theories are BBB’s (so I can’t take credit for stealing them and adapting them) but basically they go something like this from my understanding:

Mimic the GH release pattern seen in puberty because what is natural to the body will likely produce the best results and min sides…how do we do that:

  1. more days off between days on to let the system have a break from exogenous use causes less suppression of endodogenous production (somatostatin release) and keeps the body more sensitive to the effects of superphysiological doses of GH…so you are better off say using 6iu E3D vs 2iu ED…same amount of GH but better results and less sides.

  2. shooting IM or IV means the GH will hit your bloodstream faster which means the GH goes to work right away and is out of your system faster which causes less somatostatin release and receptor downgrade from constant stimulation…when you inject Subq (into your fat under the skin) about half ends up in the lymph system which is slowly released.

  3. lower doses spread through the day causes less negative sides than one or two big doses…most people experience negative sides like carpel tunnel and intestinal growth (GH gut) at higher doses (above 2-3iu)…to assess your tolerance start low (1iu) and work up to 2-3iu for a single dose to see what your cutoff point is where you start to see swelling of the wrists/ankles or adominal protrusion.

  4. Dosing at specific times makes the most of what you use…
    Early AM is when your levels are already high so suppression should be less when using at this time.
    Pre-workout means you are burning more fat during your workout as fuel.

Post workout is the other time when your natural levels are high because this is when your body is trying to repair damage and cause growth of muscle cells so this is the most effective time to use it to build muscle.

Personally I don’t know if I agree with the late PM dose administration because you might be causing some negative feedback that could interfere with the body’s natural nightly GH production…personally I think I’d rather run into the night on nothing but I have also never used GH myself and only have what I have read and my own theories to go off so I need to test this out and see what sort of results each protocol gives.