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GH Dosages for HRT

What are some typical GH dosages for HRT?


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What are some typical GH dosages for HRT?

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From here:


Side Effects with Low Dose HGH Replacement
The dose of recombinant HGH is an important consideration in the therapy of acquired HGH-deficiency. Large, pharmacological doses of HGH are often associated with the clinical signs of HGH excess, including fluid retention, carpal tunnel, and hypertension.

However, by incorporating smaller, physiological such symptoms are not noted. At a dose of 0.03mg/kg/week, Bengtsson et al. demonstrated only minor side effects including slight fluid retention and mild joint pain.

There was only one reported incident of carpal tunnel syndrome6. In all cases, further reduction of the HGH dosage resulted in the elimination of side effects. In another recent study in which a smaller dose of HGH was used, 0.01 mg/kg was administered three times per week without any reported side effects(8). Multiple studies support the conclusion that low dose HGH replacement is associated with minimal side-effects.

5 to 14 iu per week for many.

While one 1iu/day or 5iu/wk may be good HRT, higher amounts may be needed to drive restorative changes in the body VS maintenance of current state.

Often the driving criteria is cost.