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GH Deficiency. Live in Michigan, Need Help

I spoke with my doctor in Michigan, and he thinks that I have a growth hormone deficiency based on my lab results. My results came back below the normal amount except for one level that reached thr highest amount at 11. He said that my levels should consistently be around the same number each time. Considering that my results came back the way they did, he cannot legally prescribe me gh. What should I do?

Can you post your results?

Gh test 1: .011

Gh test 2: .428

Gh test 3: 11

Gh test 4: 3.0

Gh test 5: 1.2

Igf-1 = 200

Sorry, I should have asked for the ranges. Can you edit and include the range?

PS: even without know the range, test 3 is either an anomaly or a false reading.

Units were ng/ml

I mean like this. See the range to the right? That’s what we need. Not all tests are the same. @3v1ld

It’s 0 - 10 ng/ml. Only one of my tests was above that at 11.

I am not a GH / IGF-1 expert, but if you got this lab result…

I am not sure you have a deficiency. Natural GH production is pulsatile (your pituitary will release GH every 3-5 hours generally) in nature, and will not hang around in the blood stream all that long. Your high GH reading was likely during one of the pituitaries GH pulse periods. IGF-1 is produced by the liver when it receives GH. However, IGF-1 sticks around in the blood much longer than GH, and in a way indicates an average GH level. If you don’t get good pulses of GH, IGF-1 will likely read low.

Again, I am not an expert. This is my interpretation of how this works in the body. I could be wrong, and I am open to someone showing me that I am, if I am.