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GH Deficiency and TRT

Do people on TRT here ever get their GH levels tested? I was curious about this myself as I am now on TRT after repeated blood work has shown my testosterone levels to be way too low for my age. I was wondering how often GH deficiency can come along with low testosterone or what are they ways to check your levels. Does anyone here on TRT also do growth hormone replacement as well? Is is something worth looking into. My doctors theorized that my low testosterone levels are the end result of dealing with a chronic lyme disease infection I had for a few years in my early twenties.

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Bump for this unanswered thread as i’d like to know the same.

Yes IGF-1 is almost always tested by men’s clinics on the first labs. Unfortunately the only legal treatment is peptides which are effective to some degree but nothing like real HGH.

I bet you could find a clinic (or doc) willing to Rx for adult growth hormone deficiency, right?
My old doc did for me last year. The problem was affording it; in order for the Pharma company to cover some (or all) of the cost I had to have 2 GH stim test done & have an actual endo write the Rx. Otherwise it was $1200/mo for 1iu.

Adult growth hormone deficiency is generally considered a sign of aging and the FDA bans use as an anti aging therapy. Now, as you’ve said, a number of clinics will bend the rules.

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