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GH cycles

Does anyone have any advice about dosing and length of GH cycles for fat loss. I am not trying to go all out on the stuff, but I am interested in safe and effective cycles for fat loss. Something equivalent in safety and effectiveness to the 2 on-4 off cycle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I would not waste my money on GH if fat loss were my only concern . I have heard that fatloss can be achieved using 1-2iu a day for at least 12 weeks. GH is also a localized spot fat reducer. A doctor would prescribe a 5 day on 2 days off dosing schedule. If you got a kit of humatrope you can use 3iu for 6 weeks this way(6 boxes, 5mg to a vial, 3iu to a mg, 15iu total in each vial). There are cheaper more inexpensive ways to lose fat unless you have the money to burn. The going rate for a kit is about 1200.00 on the black market and around 2000.00 if you were to go to a life extension agency. Also watch out because alot of unscrupulous dealers will sell you fake shit, repackage HCG. good luck

I wouldn’t write it off totally if fat loss is key. see, when you diet you will lose some size and strength. 2-3iu for longer periods, will help keep muscle while fat burn, but u most be on some androgens. u could take clen and thyroid, but u will eventually start losing the size and strength from t3… bump this thread up, i’d like to hear bill’s or brocks opinion. there are too many different opinions when it comes to gh.