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GH Cycle


Hi Guys,

I just got a 3 month supply of GH I am planning on taking 4iu/ED.
It is my understanding that GH is pretty much a waste of money if taken alone.
Would it be best to run test with this? if so which would be better Test Prop 100 mg/EOD
or Test E 500 mg/wk.

What kind of gains should i expect from this cycle

I got some really bad shoulder acne during my last cycle deca/sustanon250. So i am a little worried about the sides of the test. Will the acne be the same for both the Prop and the test E?


If this is a cycle proposition...read the stickies.
On a sidenote: GH is, IMO, more effective with test (prop, cyp, enanth, phenlyp, w/e its your preference..)acne will be the same from either test; there are several variables when concerning acne (diet, hygiene, genetics, etc) but your test ester is def not one of them
And dont ask members to gauge what type of gains you can expect from this cycle, we have ZERO background info on your lifting and cycle history, your diet or anything regarding your genetics.


6'1 225lbs 31 years old....been lifting for about 13 years.
diet is pretty clean, i have ran 2 cycles in the past 2 years first cycle was deca/sust second cycle was test E/Eq. I had great gains on both cycles, but as mentioned had a problem with the shoulder acne. Should i take anti biotic during this cycle to supress the acne

My goal with the cycle of test/GH is to gain lean mass and cut up at the same time. with my previous cycles i gained a lot of mass but i found it very difficult to achieve the desired definition especially in the abs and obliques. I am hoping the GH will help with that.

I am hoping i can get some advice on how to run this cycle and what dosage i should take. Also any advice on PCT for this cycle would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Diet is everything with clean bulking/cutting, steroids or no. the advice on GH you are probably going to get ob this board is: Don't take the GH every day, take it 3x a week, or every other day, etc. Pin it intramuscular just like test (obviously from a slin pin, not a big pin) not subcutaneous.

Stick 6-10 iu a day on the days you pin, less being preferred if you've not used before and don't know how the sides (ie: carpal tunnel, wrist pain) are going to treat you. Divide the daily amount into 3 or so doses taken throughout the day, concentrating on morning, and pre/post workout. Avoid pinning at night.


What is the difference between injecting intramuscular and injecting sub Q?


SUb q = under skin only (meaning pinch the fat and inject) and IM is lile normal. IM means a faster rise in blood levels (good for gh)


Why is it good? I know it's the 'natural' way, but I've heard no reason why GH can't be taken subq.

From what I understand GH is more of health/wellness/longevity drug rather than a drug used to build muscle. It's typically used as an anabolic when all the other options have been explored. I'm sure it's great at 3iu a day, 5on 2 off, year-round for skin elasticity. I haven't used it though, so I'm not certain that 50mg of anavar would be more anabolic.


Of course it can be taken subq. Take it IV if you please.

Faster is better. Bigger pulse is better. If youre not sure why you should definitely do some research on it. THeres more than 1 thread on this board alone about this stuff.


You're not supposed to pulse prohormones.

People just repeat stuff they've heard without researching the subject or without personal experience. I'm just saying I've never seen a scientific explanation. I'm asking if there is one, because I haven't been able to find it.


growth HORMONE is not a PRO-hormone


I'm not sure of the validity of the following statement, but somewhere in the past Ive read that AAS use with GH can cause heart problems. I'd do GH, grow some cells, then hit the test after. Being a novice with GH I would depend on some vets to chime in. google that sh*t though.


should i run adex with the test prop and the GH


Dammit. I don't have the patience to type up a long post, go look elsewhere on this site please.

1) malignant tumors that secrete GH do so at a constant low level (like ED subq injects). That is the definition of unnatural and it specifically causes a ton of bad side effects--like acromegaly

2) during adolescence GH is pulsed from the pituitary, and causes much less side effects (except that bone plates are still open, so easier to grow, hence adolescence)

3) the feedback mechanisms for GH are completely different than for AAS. The effectiveness is given by the peak concentration height/valley, not area under the curve. Peptides in general are behave differently than small molecule compunds.

4) people just criticize things they've heard without researching or personal experience...


I havent heard of anyone getting bad sides from GH at least not at a dose of 4ius a day


Sides are usually just carpal tunnel, and maybe some minor insulin sensitivity issues from one of the feedback mechanisms (sometimes why you see metformin listed among the compounds on a cycle even when not doing a hard diet). Usually no sides in the traditional sense, however--distended gut, bone growth (forehead, etc) etc, and carpal tunnel are all sides possible. For some the carpal tunnel can be severe.

& bone growth/acromegaly is associated most with a constant release of gh vs. a spike up/down. In other words, a gh secreting tumor. Subq injection mimics that slow constant release.

And yes, mostly those sides appear above 4iu per day.


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