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GH As a Fat Burner


Hi to all,
I have often read of the fat burning effects of GH.
Has anyone real life expeience? Doses? Before-After stats?


never taken it, dont know how long before you would see results ither.

but ive read for fat burning and longlivity its best used at 2iu daily. dont expect much muscle gains - if any - at that dosage. cant say from experience tho.


Thank you juicy.

I don't want mass gain for this cycle.
If any will be it will be nice but the main goal is to cut the fat without losing the mass.


I don't have personal experience but have read some from vets

2iu is a low dose good for feeling younger, helping recovery, a little leaning out over time, and maintaining muscle mass when dieting

4iu is a dose that is better for fat loss

10iu is a dose for mass gain

The advice from most guys is that you need to take it for long periods (6+ months to really see the effects) and it is not as effective at burning fat as say ECA or Clenbuterol.

Hope this helps.



So if i want a "fast fat burner" i should stick to ECA/Clen?

Shit :stuck_out_tongue: i hope GH cna help me better


I have been taking GH now for 3 weeks. I'd say at this point I am just starting to see results. It's my first time on it, and I was told by my boyfriend how much and when to do it, based on my weight. I am about 120 lbs. now and am looking to be 105 ish. I'm 5'2" with about 17% bodyfat.

I also did a cycle of Clen and T3 with it, but was not too impressed with results. I am seeing more muscle definition now, but will keep you updated on my progress.


RBaker: Sorry for the question.. are you a female athlete?

I hope so or i have misunderstood your goal :smiley:

How much GH are you taking?