Since knowing that all benzodiezapems induce gaba in the brain. just wondering if anyone agrees with my theory. Gaba is present when we are in R.E.M. sleep and that is when Gh is highest from your everyday life. Now if these class of drugs induce this hormone this would equal high levels of Gh throught your day and lowering cortisol levels in the body as well.

Appreciate any replies

Where did you get your information at? I believe you are wrong on some of it. What is it that you are looking for?

Off the top of my head, I don’t think benzodiazepines increase actual GABA levels. They actually bind to GABA receptors. GABA is also present when fully awake, not just during sleep.

I never said that gaba wasn’t present when awake plus, I derived my theory from the a recreational drug named ghb. Bodybuilders take it not only to help induce sleep but because it is directly involved with the hormone gaba, therefore, slamming you to sleep and raising GH during R.E.M.
Plus it is proven that physical stress(weight lifting) or psychological stress(shit fits)increases cortisol a hormone that basically eats your muscles alive and pretty much ages a human. When you workout you cannot have any negativity in your life or it will have an effect on your recovery and workouts. So I don’t see why these class of pills would be non beneficial!

You stated “Gaba is present when we are in R.E.M. sleep and that is when Gh is highest from your everyday life.” I was just saying it is always present.
GHB affects other systems besides GABA. It has strong influence on dopamine, GHB receptors, GABA-B receptors, and the serotonergic system. It causes large increases in growth hormone and prolactin.

Benzodiazepines have actually been shown to decrease growth hormone with long term treatment. Diazepam or Valium specifically.

I could tell you how beneficial they can be and they definately do not help you workout to say the least, they can help you lose loss of muscle control etc. the ones I take are just a little stronger.

A couple of side effects of Anabolics include insomnia and anxiety. So a short term cycle of benzodiazepams tapered off correctly would indeed benefit from a cycle of anabolics. And maybe there is no particular evidence correlated w/ higher Gh levels after the administration of benzo’s but, less anxiety and better-longer rest periods equal more muscle for a fact. Plus GH peaks during times of sleep anyway, So it makes no difference. It Could benefit someone on a heavy cycle???

Look, don’t fuck with benzos unless you have a script for them. They can become very addictive and habit forming. There are a hell of alot of other things out there that reduce anxiety that can help you sleep etc other than benzodiazepines. If you really need them so bad go to your doctor and tell him you are having a very difficult time sleeping yada yada because your girlfriend broke up with you and it is only a temporary thing and can he give you something to help you sleep because the over the counter stuff just does not work.

Try counting sheep!

Growing up in a border town makes it easily accesible for me. So that’s not even a problem. And i did some research on specific benzo’s like clonazepam and scientist still do not completely understandt the mechanism in how it works in the brain. All they know is that it works. Another thing to mention is that It would be nice to pop one once in a while maybe after an intense leg workout to pass out cold and wake up fully recovered. Anyway im still undecided???

Pass out cold, and not remember what the fuck happened…how nice. This is the drug that I was talking about. If you do not fall asleep and stay away you will walk around like a drunken idiot. Eventually you will develope a tolorence to the substance and you will not pass out cold. clonazepam (which incidentally I have a script for) is a long acting benzodiazepine. Do not get caught with these items as some are targeted as date rape drugs and clonazepam is fast becoming another one of them. Things that make you go HMMMM. Benzos are controlled substances on both sides of the border and I would not want to get caught on either side without a script for them. Stick to something more tolerable.

I hate to say this but, my doctor has given me xanax, ativan, and now clonazepam in combination with wellbutrin. The only problem is he prescribes me at a .5mg dose when, i can easily buy the 2mg form w/ a prescription across the border. Plus claim it legally. The law is, as long as you dont cross more than thirty pills and box is sealed.

Need to be over 21yrs old too.

? does anti-dep. have an effect w. AAS
What I do know is that wllbutrin works by messing with dopamine levels. To me the shit doesnt work but the clonazepam on the other hand(immediate). By the way I dont rape women. I have a girl that i’ve been w/ for 6yrs. She is already use to my roid rages. Not all chicks can put up w/ that shit. OH well thats life!

trust me dude, if you are using clonazepam you are not raging about anything accept when to refill your script. I would still stick to the stuff your doctor is giving you. I find it rather strange that you are on just about every single benzo out there. By now you should have developed a tolerance to them. You are seeming to want a bigger script which tells me you want more of a high which also tells me you are becoming addicted which tells me you should be careful but hey none of my business right? The whole thing about bringing shit across the border and having a script is this… you have to have a prescription here for it and a prescription there for it. Now if you go to claim it when you cross they will see that your doctor only prescribed 05mg and question why you have 2mg pills. You will probably end up paying more for the pills in Mexico than what you would with your health care provider. Better to let medical insurance cover it as we pay all this money for health care, may as well put it to good use. My one script cost the HMO 542.00 every single time I fill it. It only cost me 15.00 now that is when insurance comes in handy. You would think these pills were coke with a price tag that high. I guess I just do not see your reasoning behind paying a higher price when all you have to do is go talk to your doctor.

ru12 You are correct Ive experimented w/ different benzos and that is why doc is trying me on clonazepam. He want s to wing me off of short lasting benzos and because of the long lasting effects of clonazepam He figures lower doses w this benzo will do the trick… But honestly, I only take them as needed. Because if shit hits the fan I flip, Saying this, its not an everyday thing.

Thanks for the advice man


I was going to PM you to take this off the board as some of what I am going to say can be considered touchy. First off I have a hard time trusting people, it is in my human nature and I believe it is in a majority of others. There are quite a few people here on this board that I do trust. Right now, sorry, you are not one of them. I read your profile, it states you are a counselor, but has no registration date. You speak of taking benzos and the shit hitting the fan etc and freaking etc. I am not here to judge you and perhaps you are very good at what you do for this very reason. What your doctor is doing does NOT make sense in my book. You do NOT give somebody a longer acting benzo to take them off of a shorter acting one, in fact the opposite would occur you would want to give them a shorter acting benzo. I do not know what your situation is bro but it seems like you are heading for trouble. If you REALLY need these meds by all means use them to your benefit. If there is a situation when you need to take them only some of the time then your doctor should not be needing to ween you off of them because there is no danger of addiction if taken only on an occassional basis. Benzos can be taken by people for weeks and months up to years on end and addiction can never form. It all depends on the person. I do not know you personal life or your history but this went from “popping a pill after a leg workout and just passing out…” to you need them for other reasons. You cannot come and say one thing and then change the story up later because it sounds like complete and total bullshit. If you think I am baggin on you I am not. I am being honest. I just think there is more going on than what the original post stated and more and more gets added as we go along. Bottom line is this. Go to your local shrink and work your problems out that is what they are there for. We all got problems, it is just how we deal with them that makes us different. Just for the record. I am bi polar.

I was always under the impression that long acting benzodiazepines (like diazepam, clonazepam) caused less withdrawl problems than shorter acting benzos(alprazolam, lorazepam) because of the tapering effect.

Check out this site
There is a article on why Diazepam can be used affectivly to ease the discontinuance of benzodiazepines.

r100 thanks for the website. It was of much help.
I assist therapists in counseling adolesants, In an all male unit and that is just one of my job tasks . The description I gave was a general one.

I myself do not trust just anyone. Funny I am good at what I do. But its like you said we all are unique in our own ways. I respect your opinions and Thanks for all your replies.

I was always under the impression that long acting benzodiazepines (like diazepam, clonazepam) caused less withdrawl problems than shorter acting benzos(alprazolam, lorazepam) because of the tapering effect.

Yes and no I would think. Yes because of the tapering effect but no because of the possibility of increased dose by the patient. Am I making sense? My whole point is this. Here we have doctors trusting patients to taper off of medications that are addicting and they are giving them longer acting benzos which the patient can/has control and the only thing stopping them from becoming even more addicted is if the patient REALLY WANTS to stop. That is asking alot. Not bagging on Example here but he has already said that he wants a larger prescription for the clonazepam. A decision needs to be made here. Does he want to be on these things for the rest of his life or does he want to kick the habit totally. This is where the doctor comes into play.

Example, I wish you the best of luck and I hope that I did not offend you. If you ever feel so inclined you can get a hold of me through my e mail or PM me.

Thanks for all your replies. All greatly appreciated.

ru12 im just happy to be. On the same token don’t hesistate to e-mail

example, I could never do that as your profile would not let me. You would have to PM me first etc etc