GH and Cycle Help

Ive Been Training Hard For 10 Years

Small Cycles for 8 Years

Took off last year with a carrer change and got back rolling hard again this year. Things are coming along nicely but to the Point Right.

I finished up a Cycle Earlier This Year Running

800 MG Test Enanthate (2) 400mg inject. Weekly
100 MG Tren Ace. EOD
100 MG Of A Short Ester Test Blend EOD

Ran for 16 Weeks Then Came Off.

Been on 5iu Growth ED For 3 Months now

Im concerned with The Growth, I Havent Done it In about 5 years however i would think I would start seeing better Results by now. Im thinking maybe the source is questionable???.. but its all ive got so I Keep sticking with it to see if Maybe it starts firing off harder in month 4 or 5.

Whats you guys experience on GH. Should I Be Much Leaner after 3 months. I am Nice and Full and have def. lost some body fat but ive been keeping a super clean diet for about 3 months now With All Complex Carbs

Pro - 450-500 Grams Per Day
Carbs - 150-200 Grams Per Day (Complex)

Im not sure for the Next Cycle on exactly what to run But im looking to Get Much Better conditioning and still improve Muscle size. Id like to Put on a little more size but the conditioning out weighs the importance of size right Now

My Thoughts were

200 MG Test Cyp
200 MG Test Enanthate
100 MG Test Prop EOD
100 MG Tren EOD

Run For about 16 Weeks

Any Help Is appreciated

any of the typical hGH sides? numb hands, better skin, etc?

you could always get your IGF-1 levels checked…

Try pinning 3-4 iu right before bed. If you have very vivid dreams its a good sign it legit. Hgh promotes rem sleep so thats one way i test it. Also if you are buying full kits most manufacturers have anti counterfeiting stikers & codes on boxs…also what was mentioned above for testing real or not. Personally i like it for anti aging and quicker recovery its a tool in the kit not a magic bullet.