GH/Anavar Final Recovery Strategy for Post Surgery

Well, hey ho gang how we doing?

I’ve been laying low for a while now as some may know.
I’m going under the knife this Friday for my DCO condition.
Feeling reasonably confident all things considered and a bit anxious of course. Had some interesting news which I am not sure quite how to take, lol.

Apparently it’s looking like the pathology is indeed in both clavicles, and as a result the other shoulder will be likely going under the knife after this one is recovered. This makes sense since it came from the weights, and obviously the forces were acting upon both clavicles during the heavy benching/dips/overhead during my rather brief DC period there, when things began to get nasty.
I initially had thought maybe the right shoulder was feeling like shit from the simple fact of my repetitive motion injury in that one from my years previous of auto painting and swinging the gun for 16+ years straight. But it looks like it’s the same disease at work with/without any additional injury to the cuff area from past history. Hopefully it’s just the pathology at work on that one like this first one, as the combination of the disease and any musculoskeletal problems make the recovery much longer and more difficult from what my surgeon has told me.

I have noticed it too has begun to “pop” as the extended, demineralized end of that clavicle is also rubbing up against the acromium, just as the other does.

If by some shitty luck the surgery recovery doesn’t suit me, I will have that beforehand knowledge and skip the second surgery. I don’t think that will be the case however.

With a little luck I should be back in the trenches within another year it looks like. That would be great. I will be going for a strictly bodybuilding type format for training from here out as the possibility of a shoulder seperation from the clavicle is possible if I get under some uber heavy shit again in the form of benching or military/push press. This is a result of 1-2 of the acromioclavicular ligaments having to go bye-bye to be able to shave off the required amount of distal clavicle bone. Overall the shoulder joint should be quite stable though from what I’m told. He also told me my rotator cuff looked to be excellent and quite strong, so at least that was good to hear.

So the recovery scheme I am satisfied with, is not quite what I was initially talking about. I’ve toned it down a bit to just the GH and Anavar (thank you kindly sir,:). I’m going to save the more powerful anabolics for either the very end of the first clavicle surgery recovery, or after the two of them have been done. No point in taking those in my honest opinion until I have well established the fact that everything is in full order and healthy since I’ll be a weak bastard for some time to come during all this, lol.

So for the moment I’m thinking of starting with 1, and going up to 2.5 iu/day of the gh, and tossing down the anavar at a dose of around 30mg/day. I have 200 iu of the G, and a good portion of the var thanks to some wonderful people who graciously offered their assistance. Now I’m not sure how long the G will be good in the fridge, and if it looks like it will be considerably less potent by the time of the second surgery, I may just keep taking it after the first one till it runs out. It would be nice to use it for both, but not sure about that one. Maybe someone with more knowledge can give their opinion on how long the G can remain strong in the fridge.

Anyway, that’s what’s up for those of you who know me and are interested. I’ll log the cycle for all to see when it’s underway. Thanks to the great guys on the forum who have helped me in the past, and continue to be great friends to me. I’ve recieved many kind words of support from some excellent people here, and I thank you all for that. I was quite depressed a while back and had to begin taking something for it, which turned out to be very good as it made some physical symptoms dissipate completely which had been really messing with me. Brain pains, lower back savagery etc. Feeling great now, and am on Berardi’s Precision Nutrition to start things off right! Finally got the dough to try that out, he seems to have more integrity than some of the other Nutrition Guru’s imho.

Feel free to leave your opinions/comments on the proposed cycle which is only to enhance tissue recovery.



Just want to wish you the best of luck in these upcoming weeks Tone and I’m very interested and optimistic about your “accelerated” recovery plan heh.

[quote]chillain wrote:
Just want to wish you the best of luck in these upcoming weeks Tone and I’m very interested and optimistic about your “accelerated” recovery plan heh.


Hey thanks Chillamang,

I’ll definitely be getting happier as the whole process gets underway finally, and look forward to gettin all over Berardi’s shiznit with a nice new extra large George Foreman grilla, lol. Talk about making the nightly ritual of cooking proteins for the next few days easy and no hassle! I’ve been on the basic Berardi plan for about a week now and am feeling absolutely tops as a result dude.

So much more common sense and better all the way around than the AD imho. Who the heck wants to not slam fruits with all their anti-ox and phytochems abounding? That’s just crazy and that’s where I was at with the AD.
/hijack of own thread, lol.

Anyway, yeah thanks again man, and I’ll be updating as shit happens on this thread, which will be fun. I haven’t had anything worth a damn to talk about since the frickin pathology hit town on my ass, and I’m really stoked again finally to be just about underway on the road to recovery!

Disclaimer: There may be some who would say I haven’t had anything worth a damn to say ever, not just since the disease got me, lol!
Lates mang,