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Thanks for answering my other postings so quickly. I am currently using 6 IU daily of GH, split twice daily 12am-12pm. I just read an older aticle in T-mag that said you should eat more carbohydrates to keep the GH from “dying in the liver” Whats the deal, if I am mostly looking for fat reduction and overall symmetry to improve, what kind of diet is optimal? My girlfriend(yes the one in the other posting) is using 4 IU daily the same way. Will the growth hormone, taken with clen and T-3 cause her to gain muscle/size, what is good diet/ training advice for her? Sorry for all the postings, I hope everyone else enjoys the magazine and the products as much as me. Take care.

I thought it was well known that carbs are a GH suppressor.

I would like to hear what Bill or Brock have to say on this post. I can only give you what I learned from Bruce Nadler in a visit we had. He takes 1 I.U. first thing when he wakes up around 6am and then 1 I.U. right before bed around 10pm. He says that is when your body responds best to it. He states you don’t need as much gh this way and that you can take as little as 200mg of test per week with this and see fantastic results. As far as diet, if you are using real gh, you should see a reduction in bodyfat without a change in diet. One final note…How the hell can you afford 6 I.U. per day? that’s at least $72 a day if you have the real stuff, and that is drop shipped, without the doc involved.

The amount of GH you take is typically based on your goals. If you are after life extension and overall health benefits, smaller doses are taken. If muscle mass is the goal, then higher doses are warranted (6IU per day in divided doses). I finished a very thorough GH article recently and it should be on the site soon. As usual, though, a good article leads to more questions. I think that when a cost benefit is done, GH fails miserably. Sure there is some gain, but when weighed against the costs and potential side effects, it sucks. If Biotest sold real GH, I am certain that many guys would return it and say it is complete crap and a scam. GH response is highly variable in different individuals. The article explains why. It has to do with peripheral conversion to IGF-1 as well as individual binding protein responses and feedback responses. The IGF-1/GH axis is so much more complicated than the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Personally, I wouldnt try GH if it was given me free, but GH secretagogues are another story. Again, check out the article. Real secretagogues mimic natural release and therefore may be better at promoting fat loss and muscle gain. But, with all this said, to answer your questions…since GH induces insulin insensitivity, you might want to take something to upregulate insulin sensitivity. Increasing carbs might exacerbate the diabetic-like state of insulin insensitivity. Also, T3 and clen may help with fat loss but might neutralize the anabolic effects of GH. Decide what your goals are (size or fat loss) then go about your polypharmacy. Also, the ideal hormone to add would be T. T and GH seem to be highly synergistic. As far as diet, I would go with moderate carb, high protein, and moderate fats. If you want to lose fat, then eat just about maintainance (the GH, T, T3, Clen) will help with the fat loss. If you want to gain muscle, jack up the calories.

Let’s not forget that although it’s dangerous, insulin may act synergistically with GH. Oh, and a friend of mine has never payed more than $5.55 per I.U. Lucky him!