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GG's Training Log


Hey all-

A couple years ago I was big into lifting heavy and getting as big as possible, which included eating anything and everything. I went from a high school senior of 185 lbs benching 185 and never squatting to a college junior weighing 220 and benching 300 with a front squat of 315. Because of many reasons (one of them being laziness), I stopped lifting consistently.

Just recently, I've decided it's time to get back in shape. I'm eating very strictly and the goal is to have a 6 pack on April 11. From there, I will bulk cleanly and try to get my weight and strength back where it used to be.

I'm keeping a log here to help track my own progress and get advice from all of you. I'm going to post pictures, my diet will be posted, and post my workouts.


My Diet goes like this:

Morning Supplements: 6g fish oil, glucosamine, multivitamin
(Cal, Protein/Carb/Fat)
Breakfast - 370, 37/5.5/18
Snack 1 - 622, 25/22/47
Lunch - 345, 41.5/38/1
Snack 2 - 600, 58/7/19
Dinner - Whatever my parents are making that night (will not eat high carb though)
Night - Chicken or cottage cheese for snack (High protein, low carb)

Two times not during my workouts I will take 5g BCAA and 5g creatine.

Periworkout - 10g BCAA, 5g creatine
Postworkout - 10g BCAA, 5g creatine, Surge 330, 25/44/4.5

Night - ZMA

I have based my diet very closely to the 'Get Shredded' Diet. These values include sweet potatoes for lunch on days I lift heavy only (3x per week)


Sorry, the total for my daily nutrition is: 1887 cal; 162g protein; 74.5g carbs; 91g fat
**Not counting Surge on workout days or Dinner with family

Also, at the moment I am 6'2" 205 pounds

My workout will go as follows:

Monday - Legs and Shoulder Press
Tuesday - 45 minutes of cardio (Slight elevation walking) with AB ripper
Wednesday - 45 minutse of cardio with AB ripper
Thursday - Back and Bi's
Friday - Neural Charge Training with AB ripper
Saturday - Chest and Tri's
Sunday - P90X Core Synergistics

**I will also try and do one another AB session at night somewhere throughout the week


Sorry for the crappy angles, I had to set them on a chair. Also this is me from January 6.


Relaxed Back


Side Relaxed


Front flexing


Back Flexing


Monday, January 24

Front Squat (90s rest)

Romanian Deadlifts (90s rest, on one plate)

Split Squat (90s rest)

Seated DB Press

Standing Rear Delt Fly (90s)

ss w/ Lat Raise

One Legged DB Jumps
15x30,30,30,30 each leg; in between each set I jump roped for 30 sec

Postworkout: 2 scoops Surge, BCAA, creatine, and Chicken


Tuesdays and Wednesdays are rough for me because I have my Nursing School Clinical from 7am-7pm and I live an hour from the hospital. However, I still got my meals in and I have decided to take the cottage cheese out of my breakfast and put it as my nighttime snack.

Today, I also ate this "New World" Chili for dinner. About 30g carbs, 25g protein, and 300 calories. Was my only meal that have a significant amount of carbs.

Cardio only today - 4 mph @ 4.0 inclince for 40 minutes. Just noticed that's weird.

Another cardio day tomorrow. Good night!


Today - walk @4.1 mph for 40 minutes @4.5 incline - 475 calories burned.
Did the Ab Ripper before hand and did another ab exercise afterward.

Forgot to put that I did the Ab Ripper yesterday before my cardio session.


Out of town for the weekend!

Thursday 1/27

Wide Grip Chins
BW x 11,8,5,5,4 (did some after each time with help from spotter. Usually up to 10)

ss w/ straight arm pulldowns
40x10,10 (getting sloppy)

Partial Preachers (Full, Lower half, Upper half)
45x8,8,8; 8,6,12; 8,6,10; 8,6,7

Drag Curls

Hammer Curls (with 1 second hold on extension)

ss w/ plate curls


No workout Friday or Saturday.

Sunday (1/30) - Chest and Tri in GF's apartment complex


Monday - 1/31

Front Squat

Split Squat

One Legged Hamstring Curls
30x10 (just right!)

Seated DB Press

Rear Delt Fly (Bent over)

ss w/ lateral raises

Jump Rope/ One Legged Dumbbell Hop
JR 1 min / 15lbs x 30 sec. each leg x 3 (really good!)

I have a day devoted to doing neural charge time workouts and have really enjoyed it, but I think I'm going to start doing some weighted carry stuff also! Pretty excited to try that!


Walked Tonight at 4.0 mph for 50 minutes - Burned 530 calories

Did AB routine afterwards!


Walked for 25 minutes at 4 mph and 4 degree incline:

ABS: Heel-Heel Crunches, Plank (1 min), Pike with 10 lb weight (all 4 sets)

Walked for another 25 minutes at same speed/ elevation:

ABS: Leg Drops, Wheel Roll, Swiss ball crunch w/ 25 lbs (all 4x12)



Dude, your training reminds me of what a lot of guys I used to swim with did: an ernest effort but misguided priorities.

First off, the Ab Ripper thing has gotta go. The Abs are just like any other muscle. Tony Horton doesn't have any secrets for you.
Second, you gotta emphasize the lower body. Doing Shoulders and Legs on the same day doesn't really do your Legs Justice. While you're still handling the weights you are now for squats, you can easily train your legs multiple times a week.
Finally, 40-45 minutes of cardio is unnecessary. Bodybuilders only do that much cardio when they're deep into their contest prep. And every other athlete, whether they throw javlin, fight, play ball, or even run the 1 mile, won't be found doing cardio for 45 uninterrupted minutes.

You should look into the Starting Strength Novice Program.

Your rank as a Novice in the training world is based off how you respond to training stress. To a novice training isn't very stressful since he cannot yet handle sufficiently heavy weights to demand a long recovery. So a young 20-something squatting 315 for multiple sets of 5 might be a novice because this isn't that stressful, whereas a 45-year-old man whose best 5RM is 185 might not be able to train as a novice because his training is more stressful to him. It's not an ego thing. Being a novice is good.

And at 6'2" 200ish pounds you won't be able to put on Muscle and get strong eating under 2000 calories a day.

Getting on a regimented diet takes a lot of dedication. So much that you might be better off just eating sensibly, making sure you get in a lot of protein, and going by feel for the rest of your food. This works well for a lot of people. Hell, it works well for a lot of world champions.

But if you're determined to follow a formula-based diet I would advise you to pick up a book. Maybe the Zone Diet. Maybe the Warrior Diet. Maybe the Paleo Diet. A book on one of these diets will get you eating the appropriate amount of food.


This is an article on Carb Cycling. In it there is an easy-to understand chart for figuring out your macro needs.


I'll definitely look at this later tonight when I have some down time. Thanks a lot for your advice. This whole being sensible about what I eat/ trying to lean up thing is very new to me and I appreciate any advice and/or criticisms.


Sorry I don't know how to quote each individual section, so what I replied with is in your original post.


Workout - 2/3

Deadlift (3 min)

Wide Chin Ups (90 s)
12,7,7,6 (4 neg), 5 (4 neg)

ss w/ straight arm pull downs
30x10,10,10 40x10,10

Cross Body Hammer Curls (90)

ss w/ Plate Curls

Partial Preacher Curls (90)
40x8,12,12; 8,11,14; 8,6,11; 8,6,8

BB curls
70x8 (good weight)

Seated DB Shrugs


So I just spent some time revamping my diet. Here's what I came up with.

2 eggs
1/2 c. egg beaters
1 c. spinach/ other veggie
1/4 c. mozz. cheese
1 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 c. cottage cheese

Total: 500 46/10/23.5

2/3 c. almonds
2 tbsp. peanut butter

Total: 732 26/28/63

8 oz. tuna
2/3 c. walnuts
Salad w/ olive oil

Total: 740 60/4/34

2 scoops Low Carb Protein

Total: 220 50/3/1

Post Workout:
2 scoops Surge

Total: 330 25/44/4/5

Whatever is cooked...just eat sensibly

1/2 c. cottage cheese w/ fruit

Total: 80 13/4/1.5

Total for day: 3202 220/93/127.5

The calories are a little high I think, but depending on how I feel I can always cut the tuna back to 6 oz. and cut the nuts from 2/3 cup to 1/2 cup to get rid of some calories. I will see how I feel though after a couple days eating like this.