Getwood Powder with Ribose C

T-mag and readers, especially Brock, Bill and the T gang. Is it possible to use the powders available with ribose c instead of the prop G or alcohol. What about these mixers, propG and alcohol, how do they taste and do they mix well for consistency of dose and or could ribose c carry it to the RNA better, for theroretically better gains, due to the easier carry/conversion rates? Please give response to this I have a good androsol,ribose c, tribex,zinc, ekdisten(suma) cycle going now and plan to do it again with the powder in the mix, in a month but I need to make the powder order soon and need to know if it is possible with ribose c?

I tried to contact getwood and had no success. Any feedback?

I really don’t “get” your question.

Are you talking about making an injectable?
I wouldn’t inject Ribose C by any means.
It is not designed for that and for all we
know might not be safe for that use.
I would DEFINITELY be concerned that, not
being either an oil solution or an isotonic
aqueous solution, either of which is safe,
it might actually kill muscle cells to be
exposed to such a high concentration of
corn syrup etc. (Yes, sugar will kill cells
at high concentrations.)

Or do you mean orally? Well, enanthate esters,
etc. are not going to be significantly
orally bioavailabe whether mixed with Ribose C
or not.

The part about carrying to the RNA better,
also doesn’t follow. Basically the answer
to the question is no, I can see no way
that mixing with Ribose C could possibly
help the use of the steroid powders. They
need to be dissolved in oil and injected
to be used properly, and done so under
sterile conditions.

Cud. GW is a busy man, sometimes it takes a while for him to get back to you. Also, make sure you are using a secure email address. I don’t think he will respond to aol, msn, etc.

I think he means the oral powders like the Anadrol, Dbol, and stanazol Bill. This would be interesting if this worked. Would the ribose C dissolve the powder though. My guess is, it wouldnt, thus the need for something like prop g.

how reliable is getwood, shipping to the USA

Sorry guys I do mean the oral versions. Bill you said that liquid sugars kill off the anabolics? How? What then is prop g? Also does this liquid suspension distribute(shaken well) equal amounts of does per serving? I have not taken any AAS for 3 years and maintained 215-225lbs for that time and as mentioned I just started back with prohormones. Androsol, because I trust and understand you guys and that the skin is actually the largest organ of the body. I never had side effects with gear but once used androstenedionne 100-200mg/d and got a mild bit of gyno. So you guys are the first to get me back into the prohormone plan and I will be getting d-bols/masterone(oral). to go with the aforementioned stack(original letter). Thanks for the great site and info, the super products and the brutal honesty where needed.

I didn’t say that liquid sugars kill off anabolics. I said that high concentrations
of sugar (as you could get by injecting
a substance with a lot of sugar in it) can
kill cells. Propylene glycol is not a sugar.
However, as an entirely different matter,
I have a very poor opinion of injecting
concentrated propylene glycol. Is there
even a single human pharmaceutical drug
that is so formulated? Only stuff I can
think of is Mexican veterinary stuff…
in any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if
the PG is locally damaging. It’s certainly
painful anyway (I have heard from those who
have injected such stuff – I wouldn’t try

Bill and the other posters, thanks for responding and showing interest. Bill I appreciate your time and multiple responses, The main ? is could I orally use Ribose c with the oral powder d-bol, anadrol, or masteron? Or as you stated a high sugar content could kill off the anabolics. What if it was mixed in a solution of water ribose c and protein just as taken. Or could the sugar content of ribose c be safe to mix and let sit for a few weeks(that would be easiest). Merry Christmas to all you BB’s and the like out there, especially to the T gang, hope santa puts something in your stocking to make you grow, either way as you take that to mean.

in the long run it is much easier and more convienient to just cap the stuff. Save yourself the trouble of having to measure out doses everytime.