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Getwood busted??

Rumour on another board is that Getwood (the much respected powder man) has been busted in Thailand. Anyone know whether this is true or not?

And now they are coming after the rest of the roid purveyors. Got the customer list I heard too!

The bad guys don’t fish down the river…They want the BIG fish…

I heard this too, what do you think the chances are that either “they” are watching his bud SBC or he has been popped too. I was just getting ready to order but i think I’ll wait. The chance of them going after the little fish is very small. And for “It’s About time” Who the hell are you to judge, Dont be jealous with your 14 inch pipe cleaners!

Good, one more steroid dealing dirtbag off the street!

Although I don’t use steriods I feel you’re comment was out of line, NaturalMan. A good percentage of t-maggers do use steriods, so basically you’re referring to them as dirtbags as well. Dude, go back to the Body-for-Life website.

Like Stassors last article, there are some dealers that have morals are ensure they produce a clean product so as not to harm anyone. These are the guys who make a modest income because of what they out into their product.

Bigswol. FYI my pipe cleaners are 3 inches larger than you state. And, I am proud to say I got them naturally through a well thought out program ala Ian King style. Not too bad for someone who is 5’9" and weighs 175 with a 30" waist. I also happen to be in my 50’s, did not start lifting until I was 40 and did it naturally through hard work. Kinda like when I wrote my own thesis as opposed to having some “caring individual” write it for me for a sum of money. As for the other comment made about some people caring so much about their “product,” I suppose you could make the same statement about Meth cookers and other dirtbags purveying in drugs. And I thought they were in it for the money! Shame on me for being so naive. Pretty soon we may see a lot of you going for calf or six-pack implants cause you can’t results fast enough even with steroids huh? Anything to look better…no matter what it takes as long as it is quick and it can be done with the least amount of effort. Good luck. I sincerely hope that your health holds up.

Morals? Yeah,a real friggin saint. I quess we need to honor this guy for his citizenship. Hey, pal get a real job and earn an honest dollar. Oh, to the moron with the “14 inch pipes” comment, I suppose you want to have a dick measuring contest too. When I see a guy who has built his body with steroids (don’t give me the diet and training bullshit) I look at him like someone who cheated on their SATs to get into college. You get no respect from me. Over and out!

Why all the hostility towards drug use? If you read this site you know that a decent amount of steroids can be relatively harmless. I dont chastise you because you take aspirin or eat twinkies or whatever it is you probably do thats bad for you. We all know that aspirin and tylenol are bad on the stomach and liver respectively. You never hear someone get pissed off about that(except Cy). It really makes me mad that we have these very cool compounds that can actually help individuals become healthier, and there are still people trying to keep them down. I dont understand why.

Its About Time: Don’t you have somewhere better to vent your natural angst?

Ok Mister “Its about time” congrats on your 17 inch guns that is a great acomplishment but first off all who the hel are you to pass judgement on sombody else? Not everyone who uses roids is in it for a quick fix or lacks any kind of morals. I put in eight years of hard work and have turned to them a few times to break through plateaus. I got to 200 at almost 5’10 with 18 inch guns before i every tried them. See this is the thing that is going to give naural bodybuilding a bad name that holly’re than thou bullshit attitude really sucks. Personally I dont dont drink but i do feel and anybody with half a brain knows that it is a hell of a lot more namaging than juices is but i dont bash those who do. It all boils down to mind your own f###in business!!!

Your comment about cheating on the SAT’s to get into college was uncalled for. So what if someone cannot take a damn standardized test. What the hell does that have to do with their ability to handle college level courses? I maintain a 3.5 gpa while working 40 hr. weeks. I only made I 940 on SAT. That test is a fucking joke. Anyway you have no right to pass judgment on anyone for a personal choice they make. Steroids aren’t a quick fix. Some people see it that way, many don’t. I built my body up naturally, then when the gains quite coming I started to use. I was not going to spend my time working out, eating right, and sleeping, not to have any gains come.

Little Fish: The “bad guys” absolutely can and will fish down the river if they think it will further the PR campaign against illicit AAS use. A high-level private or public sector official would serve that purpose nicely.

Forgive me for being ignorant, but the last time I looked aspirin was legal. What kind of logic is it to compare the illegal procuring and use of drugs to an aspirin. It seems to me that if you want to make a correlation, you should compare illegal steroid use to the illegal use of percoset or heroin. But then your point would be erroneous wouldn’t it unless you said you had no problem with that as well. As for homemade steroids, what is the difference between that and homemade meth or crack? Its riskier than moonshine used to be. I belive that steroidal use does have a rightful place in our medical society. I just do not think it is worth the health and freedom risk to take the easy route to what should be a healthful hobby. But then again, silly me, I don’t think smoking crack is very good either.

You may find it interesting to read the question called "Deca Dick’ on this forum. Whats the point in being freakishly big if your noodle doesn’t work? And I thought only lesbians used strap ons.

“It’s About Time” and “Natural Man” Sorry, I think you guys have mistaken this place for the ‘MM2000’ site, or possibly the ‘We’re a Bunch of Judgmental Wussies’ site.

What right do you or for that matter the federal government have to dictate what I or others can do to our bodies? If I shoot heroin (which I don’t, but that’s another story) or use steriods how does that hurt you? It doesn’t, so why is it any of your business? The answer is it isn’t. So take your alleged 17 inch ‘guns’ and ram them up your 18 inch wide rectum.

It’s About Time: I think your ignorance cannot be forgiven. I sincerely wish that people like you would educate your close minded brains before spouting off in this or any other forum for that matter. While I suppose foolish you will believe whatever the FDA says is healthy or not, just on the basis of what they call legal, many others take their word with a grain of salt. So what if aspirin and tylenol are legal OTC compounds, does that mean they cannot harm you? Hardly. I think you need a reality check on several topics, not the least of which include the FDA approval process, the bias of “scientific” studies, and the sensationalism that occurs in the media (ex: 60 minutes or dateline running a story on some moronic uneducated teenager who self medicated himself with 2 grams of test and 3 anadrol-50 tabs a day because his gym-rat dealer told him to do so, then went out and had an “episode”, so therefore all steroids are the anti-Christ). And then you go on to compare steroids to meth or crack, please tell me you are not serious and this was meant to make us laugh. Why can’t people like you just live and let live, hell I don’t care if someone uses any substance that they either want or need, so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others.

It: You’re analogy is without merit. Responsible recreational use of AAS can’t be compared to smoking crack, no matter how you badly you twist the argument. I don’t use AAS myself because I have too much to lose if caught, but that doesn’t mean I have the right (nor do you) to dictate whether others can or should use it.

So…any truth to the rumor of GW getting busted? Brock, have you heard anything?

If the Federal Govt made it a law that you had to take it up the ass, Mr Natural and its about time would be the first in line! You two absolutly DO NOT embrace the ideals that our founding fathers built this country on. The problem is, true patriots are beeing replaced by these drones. You have no right, legal or not, to tell me what I can do with my own body. You will have to pry my syringe from my cold dead fingers!