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Gettting Traps

Not sure if anyone has tried this, but I took the Luke Sauder Calf Routine and modified it to use for traps (i.e. shrug supersets). My traps are blowing up. Anyone else try this?

John, I have a very close relationship with my traps (my fav to work along w/ Triceps) and would love to know more about htis routine. Details, my friend, would be greatly appreciated. Lata.

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I too would be interested in having Goldberg traps, what blowing them up?

Man, if I started supersetting trap work I’d have traps up to my ears. I haven’t directly (ie shrugs) worked my traps in 3 months and they’re still getting bigger. I think they just get worked daily carrying weights etc. Anyway, I’d like to know how others respond to this kind of trap work.

Here it is:

Day 1: High-Volume
Exercise A: Trap Superset

A1) Seated Dumbbell Shrug: 3 x 10-5-5 (one set of 10 reps, followed by two of 5 reps) at a 101 tempo

A2) Upright Row: 3 x 20-30 at a 101 tempo

Exercise B: Barbell Shrug B1) Barbell Shrug: 10 x 10-30 at a 111 tempo, ten seconds rest between eat set

Day 2: Low-Volume Exercise A: Triple Drop Dumbbell Shrug (or Hammer Strength, I guess)

A1) Triple Drop Dumbbell Shrug 3 x 10-10-10 (in other words, three drop sets) at a 121 tempo, resting 90 seconds between sets. Get a good stretch at the bottom.