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Gettting Started



30yr old male
6'1 220
15% body fat

I've been traing for last 10 years no gear. My fitness goal is to take it to another level, more muscularity and overall strenght.

12 week cycle

Test e 500 mg per week.
Deca - not sure on dosage

Arimedex .25 eod

Pct - two weeks after last shot..

Any advise, I'm trying to avoid shitty mistakes


I would substitute the deca for something else personally..like masteron enthanate or maybe some oral like Dbol or winstrol.

But if you don't feel like doing that I'd run deca anywhere from 400mg-800mg each week. They should be injected twice a week (monday and thursday is the typical schedule).

I would frontload both substances, anywhere from 500mg to 1g each on the first shot.

Use adex .25mg-.5mg every other day

pct should be nolva 40/40/20/20 2 weeks after last shot of enthanate

Deca should be stopped before the testosterone because it has a longer ester.

also consider caber to lower prolactin levels.


An just FROM RECENT personal experience, be prepared to have natural Blood pressure reducers around jut to be safe i ran into some seriously high blood pressure issues here at the end of my Test E / winny cycle an had nothing to combat it so just stay safe an prepared