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Your posts are perfect bro. Please fill this thread with more.

You need to be interviewed.


I need to know his avatar. I'm bad with names CaptCrunch.


He's the guy with the basketball game gif as avatar...

Can you remember now, Nards?

Edit: oh yeah... and Michael Jordan dunking and then shouting at the camera...


Where is he????


There's nothing really special about me Rock. I'm just a university honours student who posts quite infrequently on the T-Nation forums (mainly GAL).

I think you're very intrigued by my spontaneity Rock. You never know what I'm going to post. My inconsistency and randomness is a gift (okay so I'm a little special).


fuck you!

Ignore list.


did it get pulled just now?


Yep... I remember him now. When he posts his posts sound like DB Cooper could have written it. That's just me though.
And it's a good thing.