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GettinHench 2000lb RAW Training/Video log #2

Hi all, this log is to track my progress in the lead up to a 2000lb raw total by Christmas 2017. I’m 23 from the UK and have been training for 7 years consistently and thought it was about time I set myself a goal of achieving something that would make me somewhat proud, i’ll be videoing as much footage as possible and of course the many PR’s that I am going to hit along the way.

Current maxes are:
195KG (430lb) Bench
300KG (666lb) Deadlift
270KG (594lb) Squat

Here is a bench clip (140kg/315lb) x 16 reps from a recent workout


Wow a 2000 lbs log.Waiting to see some impressive lifts bro

Close Grip Bench 120KG(275lb) x 22

Squat 160KG(365lb) x 16

Why did you start a second log?

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Hey man, I changed my youtube channel so my other video wasn’t playing properly, I’m not that good with pc’s didn’t know how to delete the old log,

Programming video:

Cardio/conditioning for powerlifting as its Sunday which is cardio day thought I’d share my thoughts:

Squat Workout:

150KG(335lb) x 5 x 5

Bent rows

140KG(315lb) x 3 x 12

Ordered my home gym today too, excited

Bench Session today:

Bench 170KG(375lbs) x 4

DB Shoulder Press

40KG(100lbs) x 3 x 12


Deadlift/Squat Session 8 weeks from my meet.

Squat: 165KG(375lbs) x 1/145KG(325lb) x 2 x 5

Deadlift: 235KG(517lb) x 1/200KG(445lbs) x 2 x 5

Lat Pulldown 3x12-15
Db Row 3x12-15

Deadlift 285KG(617lb) x1 PR

Squat 205KG(455lb) x 1 PR