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Getting Yoked This Winter


Most of those guys are doing rack pulls below the knee, not above. There’s a big difference. Doing them below the knee often puts you in a tougher position than from the floor.


I’m just going to say ya’ll are amateurs because no one has posted this yet



This guys got some wicked trap development :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that first picture actually Vin Diesel? It looks a ton like C.T. I mean, they look somewhat similar but I’m not sure.


Def CT, since Vin Diesel actually has a chin. But I think he may have been ‘yoking’, as it were.


Come on man!

Over the knee rack pull, below the knee rack pull. One guy is using overcoming isometrics. One guy is pulling in the hip belt squat machine. One guy is using bands to overspend the eccentric. The Diesel is high pulling, Bolton is shrugging. Then there is a 90 minute video detailing all of those techniques!

And the best you got is “there’s a big difference.”

-No Shit! There are many differences!


I’ve been getting some nice size in my traps lately. I, too, wanted to get yoked. I started out with rack pulls just above the knee with a 3 second pause in the stretch as well as upright rows and behind the neck press.

Lately I’ve been doing trap bar DL’s with shrug at the top, behind the neck press, face pulls, and often use a finisher where I shoulder carry a 44 lb medicine ball on each shoulder for laps around the gym, then do more laps with one ball hugged to chest, on each shoulder, and above my head. It torches my delts and traps.


How many arms do you have?


very funny =) it made me laugh


I’ve trained mine 3 times a day for my entire life, and they probably aren’t any bigger than yours.