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Getting Yoked This Winter


We’ve already been over this - you use heavy farmers walks and inverted rows to get shredded, according to that kaibee guy.


Ah see, and here I thought it was to improve the number of pullups one can do. This stuff is really very complicated.


Trap-Minded Bros! Add this book to your Christmas Lists!



This is just from my personal experience but I’ve never experienced much growth from rack pulls, nor do I feel that they really help me get stronger. That’s fine - strength may not be your goal, but to get “yoked” I think being pretty strong usually helps.


I second this. C.T. wrote an article about it:

And he claimed that you could see results in as little as two workouts of doing them. I sure wasn’t splitting my t-shirts open, but really, within a couple weeks, I could tell my traps had gotten bigger. Not a whole lot mind you, I wasn’t impressing Jim Wendler or anything, but for me, they’d gotten bigger. All Oly-lifts and their variations have worked like that for me.


Any proof? I have not seen one before and after from people making this claim.


I third it, No before and after photos but I have noticed a significant difference. Give it a go for a few weeks.


Experiences often vary.

Action Star, Vin Diesel.

Olympic Gold Medalist Tommy Kono

Weird Old Guy

First 1000 pound deadlifter Andy Bolton

4 Time Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw

12 Mr Olympias with traps

Louie discussing what’s happening in those pictures.


Shrugs are good. I like shrugs.


I will try them out soon, thanks for the idea


I wondered how long we could go in a thread about traps before someone mentioned shrugs


I even said it out loud with my Charles Bronson voice.


As a PLer, I too have been using my squats to help me find a decent groove for Deads. I’m a traitor lol


Eating a lot of dead animals and fighting against gravity in my garage. Seems to be working.


This is my second Thibs program with lots of SGHPs, and both have been great, but I just re-read this:

and I want to get back to the gym and implement the technique advice. I’ve got a big SGHP target in my next workout.


What about lawnmower pulls for Traps?


Pull a sled instead. Lawnmower won’t have a lot of resistance.




That looks like a row.


Hits the traps but, have to stand up more than this, its all I could find quickly


its in here as well